Technology research and development at the Gea Org

This is a brief listing of all technologies developed by the Gea Org. - The R & D department of - which have been used in practical ways.

These technologies have been developed to satisfy needs which arise from our exploration efforts in Patagonia.

This listing does not include all projects that the Gea Org. has produced or conceived. Here, only those related to technology are included. However, you may view the information related to other projects in other pages of our website.

The following links will take you to pages where you will find detailed descriptions of each technology.

1)- The Nanotyrannus system.

2)- Skikkets.

3)- Geaformers.

4)- Comments on science and technology (in Spanish).

5)- Related bibliography.

6)- Related courses.

To learn more about the Gea Organisation, please follow this link.

A pair of Nanotyrannus 6.2 assault rifles
developed by the Gea Org.


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