3.2)- Schedule of fees

3.2.1)- Explorers of the Gea Org: all courses and activities are free.

3.2.2)- Non-members: U$ 20 per each lesson, payable in advance, when asking your instructor to send you the material corresponding to each lesson by means of a secure server.

3.2.3)- Expeditions: U$ 200 per person, per day (not including air travel or transportation), payable in advance.

3.2.4)- Risk factor: whenever our expeditions would take place within hazardous areas (war zones, uncharted regions, etc.), you should add U$ 1.000 per day and person to the fee calculated according to item 3.2.3.

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Trekking in Patagonia.
all these courses and activities are based on real-life experiences.


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