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Research and development projects at the Gea Org

What We Offer Here

Some examples of research and development projects found within the Gea Organisation.

The Gea Organisation is has worked and is continuously developing its research and development programmes in various areas related to exploration and adventure travel, such as the design of gear and equipment, Patagonian histories and legends, etc.

This includes, indeed, the development of custom technologies designed to solve a variety of problems.

Most of this work has been published, mainly in Spanish. This link will take to a brief listing of some of those works, many accompanied by pictures that you may find interesting even if your knowledge of Spanish would not allow you to fully understand the corresponding texts.

You may also be interested in our material written in English, including our distance-learning and experiential courses on areas such as survival, personal defence, applied technology, leadership, etc. as well as our expeditions, which, by the way, are rather more interesting than your run-of-the-mill 'adventure travel'.

We also invite film crews, scientists and individuals who may want to taste real adventure (not the kind of stuff offered to tourists) to come with us in one of our expeditions.

To learn more about the Gea Organisation, please follow this link.

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