Egitania Route - Geopark Naturtejo

The Egitania Route is marked as a path to PR2 from the village of Idanha-a-Nova, in the Naturtejo Geopark (Portugal) covers about 8.5 miles and ends in the village of Idanha-a-Vela.

Idanha-a-Vela is a historic towb and one of the most important archaeological portuguese centers, being a city that were at various cultures and civilizations, leaving all some kind of mark in the form of ruins. It is known that in the first century BC was a city founded by the Romans, called Civitas Igaeditanorum, and subsequently called Egitania (V century) by the Visigoths and Swabians, being seat of the diocese from the center of issue 599 of "trients" (gold coins). This city was razed by the Arabs in 733 AD, to be recovered by Don Alfonso III, the Lion King, during the reconquest. Later, in 1229, Don Alfonso Henriques gave to the Templars. In 1319 became part of the Ordem de Cristo by order of Don Dinis. In the year 1762 became a part of the county town of Castelo Branco, in 1881 was annexed to the city of Idanha-a-Nova, to finally be part of the headquarters of a small town, late in 1836.

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