The 4th Gea Exploration Expedition of the Cerro Plataforma

In this photo, ponchos on the floor being used to prepare and manage the staff team. A photograph taken a day before the start the The 4th Gea Expedition to Cerro Plataforma, 2005; this mountain is located at a distance of about two days walk from the southern side of Lake Puelo, in Patagonia. It is remarkable not just by its shape: It marks the entrance to the deep Turbio Valley, which is uncharted and where an impressive river is born out of huge contiental ice fields, but its most interesting characterisitc is that there you can find a significant number of fossils.

These photos depict the preparations for the expedition in Buenos Aires, the trip to the Patagonian Andes by land, the approach to Mount Plataforma after crossing of Lake puelo, our camp in a cabin, the ascent to Mount Platform and its exploration, the documentation of various types of fossils found (penguins, shells, brachiopods, plants and vegetables, fossilized logs, whales, crabs, sea urchins, pinnae, pectinidae, a whole fossilized beach, sharks and Turritella, etc.) and the way back to the capital of Argentina.

The entire expedition lasted about 20 days, not including organizational meetings, advance planning, analysis and final publication of data collection and dissemination via the Internet or other means.

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