Tut-Ankh-Amon ath the Egyptian Museum in Cairo / Author: María Luz Ferrero

Tut-Ankh-Amon ath the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

In many locations in Egypt there are paintings about 3.000 to 4.000 years old, but it is in the Valley of Kings where they are most abundant. Unfortunately for tourists, but due to conservation-related reasons, no photographs are allowed there because the flashes of cameras equally damage the paintings as well as the reselling rights of official and authorised pictures.

There, at the Valley of Kings is where the treasure of Tut-Ankh-Amon was found; there are 63 graves that have been discovered and explored, but it seems that there are many more. On entering any one of them you can imagine workers constructing it, sweating, and probably remembering the Pharao and his whole family. History does not say much about that of course, but it does a lot about king Tut, who ordered his own tomb and golden mask, which we can see in this picture.

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