Tourists on top of Keops' pyramid / Author: María Luz Ferrero

Some tourists on top of the first blocks of Keops' pyramid, Egypt.

Here we can see some tourists on top of the first blocks of Keops' pyramid, one of the three most famous Egyptian monuments from ancient times.

The city of Cairo is a mess, but an interesting one; it can be really confusing with all its people and a lot of chaotic traffic, but it presents a very rich cultural mix.

Of course, the pyramids and Egyptian culture are there to be seen; however, there is a lot of Islamic culture as well; there are also Christian quarters of Greek Orthodox origin and whose monks look much like Rasputin.

People are very nice and amicable, and take care of the tourist in a special way; foreigners can even talk with locals about taboo topics such as terrorism, religion, the role of women in society and so on, albeit just the men do the talk. However, it is apparent that the situation of women has improved noticeably in recent years: about 50% of them work away from their homes, something that was impossible in the past.

It is still customary to offer a certain amount of camels for a beautiful woman coming from abroad, i.e. the girlfriend or wife of a tourist, and some of those even think twice before saying 'No, thanks.'

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