Keops' Pyramid and the Desert / Author: María Luz Ferrero

Keops' Pyramid and the Desert, Egipto.

Keops' pyramid; the most famous and the mother of all pyramids.

Many of those who have not visited Egypt and its famous pyramids also imagine them in an erroneous location, thinking that they are in the middle of the desert. Regrettably, however, the development of civilisation and particularly the growth of Cairo has led to awful modern constructions being too near the pyramids; of course, in order to portray them in such a way as to allow the desert to appear, you have to play with angles and perspective.

Something similar happens in documentary films about Africa and the migration of animals, in situations such as when they try to cross a river in a stampede: if we could expand those images, we would likely see hundreds of people watching these annual events common in some parts of the African continent.

The animals usually get so scared because of the unsuspected an unexpected spectators, that they fall in panic and cross those rivers and ravines in such a violent while otherwise, they would not; so what appears to be natural in reality is just part of a show, so to speak.

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