A Bucolic Morning at an Airfield

A bucolic morning in an airfield

This is yet another picture that Fernando Nieto took while I was doing some flying around the local circuit path, in which he captured perfectly the instant when I crossed the runway treshold, on short final.

A fraction of a second the 'flare' begins and the aircraft reduces its vertical and horizontal speed to a point in which it cannot be sustained in the air any longer, and you touch down.

Aircraft with a conventional landing gear - as this Cub Special (LV-YMI) - require more finesse to land than those equipend with a trycicle gear, that is, with a front wheel.

Conventional-gear aircraft have their center of mass beyond the main wheel axis so they are longitudinally unstable.

Thus, if you don't pay attention to what you are doing upt to the instant in which the plane stops, you risk becoming a victim of a ground loop that could potentially damage the vehicle and hurt anyone onboard.

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