LV-HUH After a Flight in the Andes

A rear view of LV-HUH, a C-182 flying in Patagonia.

This is a very active and trusted workhorse that belongs to the El Bolson Flying Club, and if you have ever been in the area, almost certainly you say it flying over the whole valley.

With this four-place plane the club organises sightseeing tours over the region, which gives it the financial muscle to continue its activities.

Besides, if you have a pilot's license, you can make adaptation flights for this make and model, as well as some mountain flying training.

For non-pilots, this deserves an explanation: when you climb into an aircraft to fly it for the first time, it would be dangerous - to say the least - if you think that changing planes is like changing cars.

A small aircraft may look like a car but it is entirely different, and changing makes, models and even particular aircraft (because they are never exactly the same) requires you to adapt with the help of a flight instructor.

This takes one or two hours in which you experiment with the whole performance of the aircraft, doing approaches, landings, stalls and other manoeuvres you would usually not perform with passengers on board.

The same concept applies to mountain flying and all other environmental conditions which may seriously affect your performance as a pilot or that of the ship.

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