El Bolson Airport

The ramp and terminal of the small airport of El Bolson City.

There are now plans to improve and build up this small airport, making it usable for commercial transport aircraft.

Some years ago, the runway - which was then made out of gravel - received its asphalt coat, a new ramp and a small terminal were built, and a company known as 'Servicios Aereos Patagonicos' began operating regularly with Metro III aircraft; however, for still unclear - of course, like in all such cases - the new terminal was destroyed and the company stopped its operations there.

Now, oly the C-182 belonging to the El Bolsón Flying Club, PZL Dromader used for crop dusting and forest fire fighting, as well as a Twin Otter from the state company LADE operate there.

The construction of a new airport would indeed bring a lot of progress and development to the region.

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