The Puelo and Lower Puelo Lakes

This image shows the Main Puelo Lake (at the lower section of the photo) draining its waters into the Inferior Puelo and starting a voyage which will ultimately end in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

All lakes that form part of this lacustre system are very attractive and mostly have some form of trails going around them, so adventurous tourists and lovers of outdoor activities may visit them all right.

However we should add - especially for tourists coming from the northern hemisphere - that this region is far mor wild than what you would encounter usually in destinations such as the Alps or Pyrinees.

Thus, you should not expect to find the same kind of installations, markings, etc. and that is not because of a lack of resources or interest; the people of the region just want to keep things like they are.

Furthermore: what you see in the picture is part of the Puelo National Park, but the section visible to the left is considered a strict reserve, so you would need a special permission to get there.

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