Loma Del Medio, In El Bolson, As Seen From The Air

After taking off from El Bolsón airport, westwards you can see the loma del medio, dividing the main valley from a lesser one excavated by the Rio Azul, or Blue River.

Both valles have rivers that ultimately end in the Puelo Lake, about 20 km southwards from where this picture was taken.

Climbing with an aircraft is easy: if you have been walking in the mountains you know that well: in a few minutes you can go as high as what it takes you a whole day to accomplish by trekking.

In places where the terrain is like what you see in this picture, small aircraft are fundamental for transporting cargo and people, because even thought distances between landmarks and important points may not be big, topography makes things much more difficult.

You can walk a whole week to reach a place reachable in less than thirty minutes by air.

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