Gallery 20002 - Travelling Thorough Egypt / Author: María Luz Ferrero

Travelling thorough Egypt and getting to know some of the most important archaeological sites: they pyramids, the temples, relics, treasures and Egyptian culture in Cairo, in the middle of the desert.

in order to access it quickly and conveniently in the future: the index has several thousand pictures, so you may take your time to visit it.

2004-06A-01F.jpg - Whenever you think about pyramids, you associate the idea with the Egyptian monuments to Keops, Kefren and Mycerinos.

2004-06A-02F.jpg - In this picture we can appreciate the pyramid of Kefren.

2004-06A-03F.jpg - Keops' pyramid; the most famous and the mother of all pyramids.

2004-06A-04F.jpg - Details found in one of the sides of Keops' pyramid.

2004-06A-05F.jpg - Some tourists over the first blocks that belong to Keops' pyramid, one of the three most famous monument that along with the Sphynx constitute the cultural landmarks of Cairo and the whole country of Egypt.

2004-06A-06F.jpg - Hieroglyphs at the Medina Habu temple.

2004-06A-07F.jpg - On the background, the temple of Edfu.

2004-06A-08F.jpg - The famous golden mask of king Tut-Ankh-Amon, at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.


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