Gallery 20001 - Flying around in El Bolson

Flying around in a Cessna C-182 Skylane in El Bolson (Argentinian Patagonia).

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2003-01B-83F.jpg - This picture was taken from one of the rear seats of a C-182 while taxiing.

2003-01B-84F.jpg - Fernando Ottone beginning to taxi to the assigned runway for takeoff.

2003-01B-85F.jpg - Passengers have an excellent view on aircraft that have high wings: thus, these designs are used for aerial observation and recon work.

2003-01B-86F.jpg - After taking off from El Bolsón airport, westwards you can see the loma del medio, dividing the main valley from a lesser one excavated by the Rio Azul, or Blue River.

2003-01B-87F.jpg - Flying at about 4.000 feet (about 1.500 metres), this picture shows a good view of average topgraphical features found on mountain valleys.

2003-01B-88F.jpg - A good view of the gates of the Motoco Valley, where the difficult landscape can be appreciated, as well as the White River that purs out of it.

2003-01B-89F.jpg - Lake Puelo as seen from 10.000 feet and cloudy skies filled with cirrocumulus.

2003-01B-90F.jpg - A last-second picture of Mount Tres Picos, the biggest and tallest mountain in the Andean District of the 42 paralel.

2003-01B-91F.jpg - The Rio Azul has carved the whole valley of El Bolsón out of the rocky soil, as seen here.

2003-01B-92F.jpg - This image shows the Main Puelo Lake draining its waters into the Inferior Puelo and starting a voyage which will ultimately end in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

2003-01B-93F.jpg - This is not a winter scene: the picture was taken in late January, which is summer in the southern hemisphere.

2003-01B-95F.jpg - A front view of the engine cowling of the powerful Cessna C-182 used by the El Bolson Flying Club.

2003-01B-96F.jpg - The ramp and terminal of the small airport of El Bolson City.

2003-01B-97F.jpg - A rear view of LV-HUH, a C-182 flying in Patagonia.


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