Gallery 10011 - Incendiary Cooking

Various meals and cooking with napalm.

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2001-01A-0A.jpg - David Miranda, Don Pablo Edronkin and Don Federico Ferrero waiting for a small jar with water to get hot enough to have some mate.

2001-01A-22A.jpg - Don Pablo Edronkin starting a fire by means of a big wooden pagoda with a little bit of napalm.

2001-01A-24A.jpg - Napalm being used to start a fire for cooking.

2001-01A-25A.jpg - A metallic recipient placed already over wood with napam.

2001-01A-26A.jpg - Everything is very moist so the only thing going into combustion is the red napalm splattered over the wood.

2001-01C-07.jpg - A big loaf of bread baked inside a metallic recipient over hot embers.

2001-01C-15.jpg - A big loaf of bread baked inside a metallic recipient over hot embers.

2001-01C-26.jpg - Pizza with anchovies.

2001-01C-27.jpg - Pizza with pepperoni.

2001-01C-29.jpg - Pizza with onions.

2001-01C-30.jpg - A toast for our wilderness pizzas.

2001-01C-36A.jpg - The salamander of the New Waldorf shelter is being used for the first time.

2001-01D-02.jpg - Ingredients for the inaugural dinner at the New Waldorf installation.

2001-01D-03.jpg - Cutting the prepared flour mixture in order to make biscuits.

2001-01D-05.jpg - The tin can cutter technique can be used even to prepare pasta; for the unsophisticated, perhaps there are only a few kids, but we know better.

2001-01D-06.jpg - Explorers of The Gea Org. during the opening dinner for New Waldorf.

2001-01D-07.jpg - The opening dinner at Nuevo Waldorf.

2001-01D-27.jpg - The table and chairs at Nuevo Waldorf.


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