Gallery 10004 - Improvised Weapons

Assorted weapons for self-defence and hunting that have been improvised under survival conditions.

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1995-01B-20A.jpg - Any really good survival knife can be used in order to improvise an expedient spear using it with a good stick, a cane or anything long and straight; you should use some wire or thin rope to fix all elements together.

1995-01B-21A.jpg - In this close up view of the spearhead it is easy to appreciate how the blade has to be attached to the rest of the weapon.

1995-01B-33A.jpg - This is an example of a small, yet efficient, explosive charge placed under the water. The trigger system is contained inside the black aluminium can and it is associated to a battery, which is located inside the small white container that is seen hanging from it. In the second container, a little bit to the left of the picture, you can see the vessel inside which the explosives have been placed.

1995-01B-34A.jpg - After the controlled explosion this is what was left of the hollow charge system; the vessel containing the explosives disappeared but it is easy to see that the rest of the components have been left in a state that allows for recycling.

1995-01B-18A.jpg - Triggers are critical in any sort of trap, but when you can resort to military hardware things get somewhat easier; however, improvising a trap under true survival circumstances may be difficult in any case.

1995-01B-19A.jpg - Entre los dos árboles de esta fotografía hay una trampa capaz de cazar a un animal grande o incluso a una persona.

1995-01C-E.jpg - An example of an improvised bow in use along its arrows.

1995-01D-19A.jpg - Camouflaging the shooter is important even if the target is some sort of simple hunting prey and the weapon is an expedient bow.


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