Gallery 00005 - Rappel In Patagonia / Author: Pablo Edronkin

Practical, hands-on examples of the use of rappel techniques, what to do and also what you should not do.

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1992-01A-06.jpg - Don Pablo Edronkin beginning a rappel descent through one of the small canyons eroded into the walls of Cerro Plataforma.

1992-01A-07.jpg - The walls that surround Cerro Plataforma, in Patagonia; these range between 40 and 200 metres high and while there are a few canyons that allow for going up and down, rapelling under certain circumstances may be necessary.

1999-02B-21A.jpg - An apprentice on his first rappel experience on a real rock wall.

1999-02B-22A.jpg - An apprentice on a rappel descent on a real rock wall.

1999-02B-23A.jpg - Don Gustavo Sakuda showing a proper rappel technique.

1999-02B-24A.jpg - Initiating a descent using a basic rappel technique.

1999-02B-25A.jpg - A good descent down into a deep canyon.

1999-02B-26A.jpg - An apprentice is having some trouble during the first metres in his descent.

1999-02B-27A.jpg - Almost there... with a fine technique.

1999-02B-28A.jpg - Emiliano Paredes shows to several apprentices how to rappel down a rock.

1999-02B-29A.jpg - Emiliano Paredes shows how to use the braking system on a specific rappel eight.

1999-02B-30A.jpg - The posture of this apprentice indicates that she is still fearful of falling.

1999-02B-31A.jpg - After rapelling, you have to climb again: Don Gustavo Sakuda is climbing back to the natural balcony from which descents are made.

1999-02B-32A.jpg - After any sort of practice session, some comments must be made.

2004-01B-02F.jpg - The depths of the canyon where we usually go for rappel practice.


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