Gallery 00003 - Assorted Nanotyrannus / Author: Pablo Edronkin

Assorted pictures of Nanotyrannus guns.

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1997-12A-21.jpg - Two Nanotyrannus 6.2 with medium-size magazines.

1997-12A-22.jpg - In a rare image, participants in a GP eliminate themselves by firing their respective Nanotyrannus 7.1.

1997-12A-19.jpg - Diverse models and versions of the Nanotyrannus weapon leaning on a tree near the base camp of a GEA combat group during a GP.

1998-02C-32.jpg - An explorer carrying a Nanotyrannus 6.1 near Waldorf.

2000-01C-25A.jpg - An explorer carrying a Nanotyrannus 7.3 assault weapon.

2000-01C-28A.jpg - A Nanotyrannus 8.4 in the mountains; the weapon is especially good for an environment like this one.

2000-01C-35A.jpg - Armed explorers at the RAP / KAP carrying Nanotyrannus 8.4 ready for combat.

2000-01C-36A.jpg - In this image the Gatling type muzzle of a Nanotyrannus 8.4 can be seen.

2000-01D-05.jpg - Aiming and shooting with a Nanotyrannus.

2000-01D-06.jpg - Nanotyrannus in combat.

2000-01D-07.jpg - Marching at night with a Nanotyrannus 7.6.

2000-01D-08.jpg - The Nanotyrannus weapons system has been designed specifically for survival purposes.

2000-01D-13.jpg - Manoeuvering and fighting during the night is difficult, especially in rugged terrain; however a weapon like the Nanotyrannus makes those chores easier.

2000-01D-16.jpg - Firing a Nanotyrannus among the rocks.

2000-01D-18.jpg - David Miranda showing his Nanotyrannus equipped with a telescopic sight and a silencer.

2000-01D-19.jpg - Don Pablo Edronkin with a Nanotyrannus.

2000-01D-20.jpg - Explorers armed with various types of Nanotyrannus.

2000-01D-22.jpg - Three Nanotyrannus of different versions.

2001-01B-07.jpg - A Nanotyrannus pistol.

2001-01B-08.jpg - A seventh generation Nanotyrannus.

2001-01B-09.jpg - Three members of the Nanotyrannus weapons family.

2001-01B-10.jpg - Nanotyrannus assault rifles.

2001-01B-11.jpg - Firing a portable rocket launcher.

2001-01B-13.jpg - Nanotyrannus system standard ammunition.

2001-01B-14.jpg - A view of the BBs corresponding to a 10mm Nanotyrannus standard cartridge.


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