Gallery 00002 - Aviation and L-21 Super Cub / Author: Pablo Edronkin

These pictures were taken during a short aerobatic flight in a L-21, which is the military version of the PA-18 Super Cub.

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2007-01C-26P.jpg - LV-ARH belongs to Leandro Ferraris and is based at Veinticinco de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was previously owned by the San Martín de los Andes Flying club and the Gendarmeria Nacional, the country´s border security service. As a military variant of the PA-18, it has some unnoticeable but nevertheless significant differences with the civilian model.

2007-01C-25P.jpg - A frontal view of LV-ARH inside of its hangar; it is easy to notice the size and surface of the windows, rather bigger than in most Cub models. This originates in the need to provide military observers with the best field of vision possible.

2007-01A-26P.jpg - The panel of an L-21 is quite like that f a regular PA-18 with pretty standard instruments.

2007-01A-29P.jpg - A front view of the engine cowl of LV-ARH; the excellent condition of the plane is evident.

2007-01A-30P.jpg - In this starboard view of LV-ARH it is easy to appreciate the cabin door as well as the large rear window that extends beyond the cargo bay.

2007-01B-63P.jpg - LV-ARH outside its hangar and ready to fly on a Saturday morning at Veinticinco de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2007-01B-64P.jpg - Leandro Ferraris and Carlos Alderisio taxiing LV-ARH to the runway in use for a quick takeoff under ideal meteorological conditions.

2007-01B-65P.jpg - The author flying the L-21 LV-ARH from the rear seat shortly after takeoff.

2007-01B-66P.jpg - Performing a wide turn to starboard on LV-ARH.

2007-01B-67P.jpg - An aerial view of the town of Veinticinco de Mayo, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

2007-01B-68P.jpg - A rather aggressive turn to the left made with the L-21 LV-ARH.

2007-01B-69P.jpg - Turning from initial to basic on a VFR approach over Veinticinco de Mayo, Buenos Aires, while flying an L-21.


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