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Cares Route - Cares Trail - Photo gallery of a Cares Route or Cares Trail, one of the ways the National Park Picos de Europa (Asturias / León, Spain) most famous and picturesque.

Outdoor excursion to Peña Cebollera - A one day outdoor excursion to the Sierra de Ayllón (Sistema Central), going around the moutain known as Cebollera, Peña Cebollera, Cebollera vieja o pico de las Tres Provincias.

The Mirador de las Canchas - Views from the Mirador de las Canchas, at the foot of Peña Pintada, part of the Cuerda de las Cabrillas, in the valley of the Barranca de Navacerrada, within the Parque Regional de la Cuenca Alta del río Manzanares, Sierra de Guadarrama, Sistema Central.

Valsaín to Revenga - Photo album of winter hiking tour by connecting the villages Valsaín and Revenga, within the municipality of Segovia, Spain.

La Pedriza and the Charca Verde in winter - Photo of The Pedriza in winter, in a hiking tour from Canto Cochino to the Charca Verde.

Trekking in the Dolomites - Photographs of a trekking to the Dolomites (Dolomiti), Italian mountain range declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, and belonging to the Eastern Alps (Italian Alps).

The Saja-Besaya Natural Park - Cantabria - Picture´s Gallery of The Saja-Besaya Natural Park and other similar areas in Cantabria, taken during some outdoor treks in that province of Spain located between the mountains and the sea. These landscapes and forest areas offer spectacular views of the Asturian peaks, one of the most important mountain ranges of Spain and the Iberian Peninsula.

Camino Schmid in winter - Photo Gallery for a way out hiking or trekking in Camino Schmid in winter, from Puerto de Navacerrada to Las Dehesas (Fuenfría Valley).

The 4th Gea Exploration Expedition of the Cerro Plataforma - The 4th Gea Expedition to the Cerro Plataforma, located in Argentina, at a distance of about two days walk from the southern side of Lake Puelo, in Patagonia.

Exploration exploration and documentary Taming The Motoco - Photos taken during the filming of the documentary "Taming The Motoco" based on Gea exploration expedition to the Valley of Motoco, 2004, in which the main objective was to reach the source of the White River or Motoco, and if possible climb the mountain known as Roca del Tiempo.

From Montejo de la Sierra to Paredes de Buitrago - Hiking (trekking) route between Montejo de la Sierra, located in the Sierra del Rincón (Sierra Norte, Madrid) and the town of Paredes de Buitrago, walking through meadows that lie on the eastern side of Peña de la Cabra.

Vultures Route - Geopark Naturtejo - Here we see photos taken during the Vultures Route (Rota dos Abutres) located in the International Tagus Natural Park, which is in turn integrated into Naturtejo Geopark, Portugal.

La mira, Sierra de Gredos - La mira is a mountain of 2343 meters belonging to the Sierra de Gredos, Central System (Ávila, Castilla y León, Spain) and that this time shown in pictures taken during a hiking trip to the summit.

Castelo Novo, historic town - Geopark Naturtejo - These photos show a city tour by the town of Castelo Novo (Portugal).

Egitania Route - Geopark Naturtejo - Patones natural heritage and unique place to practice sports and the outdoor activities: rock climbing, mountaineering and trekking.

Route of Fossils - Geopark Naturtejo - In the village of Penha Garcia runs the so-called Fossils Route, a circular path, short-stroke type (PR3 3 km) of historical, archaeological and, especially, palaeontological (since there is the Ichnological Park Penha Garcia) that we will see in this photo gallery.

Gardunha Route - Geopark Naturtejo - A trekking tour of the Sierra de la Gardunha within the Naturtejo Geopark (Portugal), we see in this photo album.

GR12, Idanha-a-Velha to Monsanto - Geopark Naturtejo - Photo gallery showing a path or route that joins the town of Idanha-a-Velha in the village of Monsanto using the marked trail GR12, about 7 km, with about 300 meters uphill.

Monsanto, stone and people - Geopark Naturtejo - Urban itinerary of the historic portuguese town of Monsanto, is what we show in this photo gallery.

Hiking in Rascafría - Photo gallery that shows a walking tour through one of the natural areas of the municipality of Rascafría, Losoya Valley, Madrid, belonging to the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Night Tour of Cuerda Larga - Photo gallery of a night tour of the Cuerda Larga (Long String) in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Sistema Central), from the Puerto de Navacerrada to the Puerto de la Morcuera in Madrid.


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