Index of Pictures, 2010 / Author: Federico Ferrero

Photos made by Federico Ferrero thorough the years.

in order to access it quickly and conveniently in the future: the index has several thousand pictures, so you may take your time to visit it.

Rural bike and horses in the Sierra de Guadarrama - A bike path made by the Club Ciclista Collado Mediano, which runs along forest roads or rural (which is now called "rural bike") that cuts across four of the municipalities of the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid side: Collado Mediano, Alpedrete (Los Barrizales), Guadarrama and Los Molinos (Ermita de la Virgen del Espino). In this case, at the end of the tour, we rode horses.

Night Tour of Cuerda Larga">Night Tour of Cuerda Larga - Photo gallery of a night tour of the Cuerda Larga (Long String) in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Sistema Central), from the Puerto de Navacerrada to the Puerto de la Morcuera in Madrid.

The Lanín volcano - Photo gallery illustrating an climb to Lanín stratovolcano (3776 m), a mountain and volcano in the Patagonian, located within the Lanin National Park and the National Park Villarrica.


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