Index of Pictures, 2008 / Author: Federico Ferrero

Photos made by Federico Ferrero thorough the years.

in order to access it quickly and conveniently in the future: the index has several thousand pictures, so you may take your time to visit it.

Sierra de Gredos, excursion to 5 lagunas and circo de gredos - Photo Gallery of trekking and mountaineering trip of three days at the Sierra de Gredos (Ávila, Spain), from the village of Navalperal de Tormes, through the Cinco Lagunas and into the Circo de Gredos, before returning to town.

Valsaín to Revenga - Photo album of winter hiking tour by connecting the villages Valsaín and Revenga, within the municipality of Segovia, Spain.

The Saja-Besaya Natural Park - Cantabria - Picture´s Gallery of The Saja-Besaya Natural Park and other similar areas in Cantabria, taken during some outdoor treks in that province of Spain located between the mountains and the sea. These landscapes and forest areas offer spectacular views of the Asturian peaks, one of the most important mountain ranges of Spain and the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish Army Horse Breeding (Avila) - These photos were taken in the Military Center of the Spanish Army Horse Breeding located in Avila, Castilla y León. This is one of the few centres for breeding stallions in Spain that are financed by the state, and therefore subsidized, so that they are able to offer stallions for equine reproduction at affordable prices.

Theme Park Height - Photos taken on an outing to a theme park in height, specializing in adventure games consist of outdoor activities in height, recreational activities that are based on overcoming several circuits organized by level of difficulty, which mainly requires balance , agility and coordination to overcome.

Ecosafari - Originally meant by safari hunting expeditions being done in Africa, but today that term is used especially for expeditions to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife, in this case pictures of fauna and flora to be found in parks of Madrid.

Collection of minerals and fossils - Collection of mineral specimens and fossils.

From the mountain pass of Cotos to Loma del Noruego and Peña del Águila - Snowshoe excursion to climb the Loma del Noruego (1991 meters) and Peña del Águila (2004 meters) from the moutain pass of Cotos or El Paular (1889 meters), in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Sistema Central, Madrid, Spain) within the Regional Park Peñalara, and return to the starting point (circular route).

Karate competition - The photo gallery shows a karate competition in Madrid.


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