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This is our Main Index of Videos regarding outdoor adventures, wilderness travel, nature, tourism, survival, science and related topics; Andinia is a portal and search engine dedicated to outdoor activities, so if you are looking for information, producs or services for outdoor adventures, travel, extreme sports and such kind of fun.

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Outdoor Activities - All sorts of videos about outdoor activities, including survival, outdoor sports, adventure, extreme sports and other outdoor recreational and pro activities.

Outdoor Activities HD VIDEOS - Outdoor Activities All sorts of videos in HD (High Definition) about outdoor activities, including survival, outdoor sports, adventure, extreme sports and other outdoor recreational and pro activities.

Martial Arts and Combat Sports - Traditional martial arts and competitive adaptations of combat sports like Karate Do, Judo, Capoeira and Aikido. Fights, competition, Katas and exhibitions.

Outdoor Camping - Camping techniques, assembly or mounting of camps, bivouacs or mountain huts, camp organization and other ways to live and survive while practicing outdoor activities.

Extreme Cooking and Camp kitchen - Cooking outdoors is to return to what our distant ancestors did: here you will find a series of videos that show different forms of extreme cooking and camp kitchen to various degrees.

Sports and Athletics - Videos about all shorts of sports, including - but not limited to, of course - outdoor and extreme sports, combat sports and some new ideas.

Ecology and the Environment - For those environmentally-minded, here we have a selection of nice clips for you.

Expeditions and Exploration - Footage of true expeditions, exploring places that sometimes were never visited before by any human.

Ecology and Nature - Natural Reserves - Nature reserve protected for better conservation of the wilderness. Eco-regions, nature reserve areas (natural reserve, nature preserve, natural preserve or bioreserve) ecological reserves such as national parks, provincial parks and Man and biosphere (MAB). Of these nature reserves show the fauna, flora and other natural resources, geological, landscape or ecological.

The Gea Org. - Videos made by The Gea Org., our own exploration team, as our people went to different places and the wilderness.

Places, Regions and Countries - Here we collect all videos in which the main topic is a region, place or country.

Meteorology and Climatology - Weather-related videos; forecasting basics and observations made during outdoor activities.

First Aid: Techniques - Videos on first aid techniques and rescue, including procedures, material, gear, protocols, etc.

Survival and Bushcraft - Survival tips and techniques of different shorts: Wilderness survival, combat survival, mass destruction weapons, urban survival, first aid and more.

Survival and Bushcraft / Knots - Videos showing how to make important knots for survival, nautical, activities, climbing, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Survival and Bushcraft / Making fire - Survival skills or different techniques to making fire (also called firemaking, firelighting or firecraft) ) in the context of outdoor survival, survival to the cold, urban survival or survival sports, among other means of survival. How to make fire by traditional methods (primitive methods) and modern methods. How to set fire by friction, spark based fire, etc.

Survival and Bushcraft / Getting water - Bushcraft skills and survival techniques that facilitate seeking and obtaining of water, applied mainly to outdoors survival and in nature.

Survival and Bushcraft / Hunting and fishing - Survival skills an techniques related to hunting and fishing: Animal trapping. Hunting and fishing to survive, traditional bushcraft and modern methods. Videos, documentaries and mini-documentaries produced on site.

Survival Shelters and Mountain Huts - Mountain huts, survival shelters, alpine huts, mountain hostel, bivouac shelter or mountain shelters and other green constructions in outdoor.

Polar Survival and Cold - Survival Techniques for polar regions and at the cold: building igloos and snow shelters, vehicle handling on snow and tips to keep warm outdoors. Be prepared for the next polar vortex!

Vehícles and Transportation - Trips and activities involving different shorts of vehicles: aircraft, land vehicles, vessels, animals not in towns or cities, but in the great outdoors.

Aeronautics - Commercial, private, military and experimental aircraft videos; landings, maintenance, take offs, pilot opinions and more.

Travel, Tourism and entertainment - Small tidbits of trips and excursions around the world, visiting natural reserves, protected places, performing active tourism excursions, and some exotic activities, games and entertainment.

Outdoor Activities / Horseriding - Here you will see all our horse riding and equine-related videos, including those dealing with horse care and domestication.

Outdoor Activities / Skiing - Watch here videos about skiing in various styles and forms, as web as some funny skiing images and events.

Outdoor Activities / Parkour - Parkour is a discipline that deals on sorting and overcoming obstacles that you find in your way in the most fluid and efficient manner, using only the possibilities provided by the human body.

Outdoor Activities / Trekking - All our videos related to trekking, hiking, backpacking and moving thorough the great outdoors using just the legs.

Outdoor Activities / Zip Lines - In this list you will find a lot on the use of zip lines: this form of transportation, also known as a flying fox, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, death slide or tyrolean crossing, requires the use of pulleys and ropes or wires.

Sports / Winter Sports - Clips about winter sports and outdoor winter or cold weather activities such as climbing, polar survival and more.

Sports / Nautical and Water Sports - Nautical sports and activities onscreen; Swimming, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and more.

Water Sports / Swimming - Swimming: crawl style, breaststroke style, butterfly style, starts, turns, technique, etc.

Ecology and the Environment / Fauna - Videos featuring diverse animals, both domestic and wild.

Ecology and the Environment / Flora - Videos of flora: trees, bushes, plants and flowers in gardens, parks and natural surroundings.

Ecology and the Environment / Water Ecosystems - Water is the source of life: it is also very pleasant for all our senses. Add to this what it means to practice some water or nautical sports and the result is this collection of videos.

Animal Kingdom and Fauna - Birds - Bird watching, bird videos.

Animal Kingdom / Reptils and Snakes - Videos of reptiles and snakes, vipers, snakes, boas, alligators, lizards and other reptiles and snakes filmed outdoors.

Animal Kingdom / Insects - Videos of different class of insects (Insecta), invertebrates arthropods, the animal group with the highest number of species on Earth.

Animal Kingdom / Butterflies - Videos of various types and classes of butterflies (Lepidoptera).

Animal Kingdom / Aquatic Animals - All kinds of aquatic animals, marine, amphibians, fish, waterfowl and other species of the animal kingdom living in aquifers of any type.

The Gea Org./ Nanotyrannus - Images on the portable weapons system developed for and by our own group of explorers; it can be used for real or for more realistic paintball or airsoft events using special ammunition.

Martia Arts - Aikido - Aikido is a martial art in which you try to use the power of your combatant to avoid an attack.

Martial Arts And Combat Sport: Judo - All sorts of things for those interested in Judo and martial arts; katas, fighting and exhibits, both at competitive events as well as randori: ippons, wazaris, yukos, kokas, etc.

Martial Arts And Combat Sports: Karate - Fights, katas, tournaments and competitive events, exhibits, and show offs of different levels.

Places, Regions and Countries / Argentina - Videos of places and outdoor activities in the context of travel and adventure tourism in Argentina.

Places, Regions and Countries / Australia - Videos of Australia recorded during outdoor activities, adventure tourism and ecotourism.

Places, Regions and Countries / Spain - Videos filmed in Spain on outdoor activities, places to travel and tourism, nature, etc.

Places, Regions and Countries / Cantabria - Spain - Outdoor activities in Cantabria, Spain.

Places, Regions and Countries / The Oruro Carnival - Bolivia - The most famous carnival in Bolivia and arguably, one of the best-known in the whole world.

Places, Regions and Countries / The Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia - Footage on what is known as The Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia, in southern Argentina and Chile; this was a real kingdom in the past, with a real king, believe it or not.

The Perito Moreno Glacier - Videos of ruptures, falling and breaks ice in the Perito Moreno Glacier. Also panoramic views of Perito Moreno Glacier, navigating the Lake "rico" (brazo rico), trekking in the ice and excursions on Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz, Argentina, Patagonia.

Iguazu Falls - Videos of the Iguazu Falls, Iguazu National Park (Argentina) and Iguaçu National Park (Brazil): Devil's Throat, walks, sailing, and adventure tours in the jungle of the national parks of the falls.

Places, Regions and Countries / Sierra de Guadarrama - Spain - Landscapes, panoramas and outdoor activities in the Sierra de Gadarrama, in Madrid, Segovia and Avila, Spain.

Places, Regions and Countries / Egypt - Videos filmed in Egypt.

Outdoor Activities / Mountaineering - Videos of visits to various mountains and peaks, usually in virgin, uncharted territory and not the usual flavour of well-known, climbed-thousands-of-times places, and mainly within the context of long-range and long-duration expeditions; many of these mountains have never been visited before.

Outdoor Activities / Climbing - Rock climbing videos and other videos of climbing practice with complement to mountaineering or climbing practiced as a sport.

Subtitled videos - Here we collect all of our channel videos are subtitled in one or more languages.

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