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How do I know if certain product or service is legal?
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Autor:  andinia2 [ Vie Mar 10, 2006 7:31 pm ]
Asunto:  How do I know if certain product or service is legal?

At we strive to provide information, products and services intended for a general, worldwide audience. We never intend to offer anything that may be against the law, of course; however, the fact that our audience spans the globe and it would be impossible for us to determine and keep updates on the norms and regulations of every single place on Earth, common sense dictates that such resonsibility should fall in the hands of the user or person intending to make use of those products, information or services. Really: how much would it cost to have several hundred lawyers just looking at such issues, every day?

So, it is your responsibility - could not be otherwise, really - to know if what you are about to read, buy or hire is legal in your country of residence; we encourage you should check your laws and regulations whenever a doubt may arise because getting into trouble with the government is always a pain - you know where - and we don't want you to get in trouble. Using this site in any way implies that you know and accept this rule and any other terms of use put forward by us. It is not that we want to escape responsibility; really, it is just common sense. :wink:

The content of this site is intended for information purposes only. We will not be responsible for any consequences arising from its use. the opinion of the authors is not necessarily that of the editors, publishers or itself. Always seek the advice of a qualified instructor before committing yourself to outdoor or extreme sports, and check all applicable local laws and regulations. We reserve the right to publish any letter or message sent to us or our authors, employees or associates.

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