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The Gaza War, 2014 Edition
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Autor:  Pablo Edronkin [ Mié Sep 10, 2014 1:18 pm ]
Asunto:  The Gaza War, 2014 Edition

As most people around the world know, there has been yet another war in Gaza, in 2014. Aside from the tragedy that any armed conflict represents, from a survivalist standpoint it is an interesting opportunity to read between the lines, not to look for conspiracies but to learn what works and what doesn't under such difficult circumstances.

Also, the Palestinian - Israeli topic is hotly debated, and there are many different points ov view that are unfortunatedly, often not based on concrete evidence. For example, the Israelis are often portrayed like a new brand of Nazis, but what is not know by many is that the actual promoter of the Palestinian cause was a Nazi collaborator and friend of Adol Hitler.

Another thing that is not known is that the Hamas organization states explicitly in its 1988 charter that their goal is the extermination of Jews.

So, in order to try to put some light into this issue, I wrote an article that contains many different links related to this issue - all working at the time of this writing. These links provide concrete evidence on this matter, not hearsay.

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