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Outdoor Dictionary: Hotpsring

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Hotpsring - A hotspring is a source of water that is warmer or hotter than the soil from where it sprouts or surges. It is generally accepted that when the difference between the geothermally heated water and the soil is above five degrees Celsius, the spot can be defined as a hotspring. However, temperature differences are much higher in some cases, surpassing a hundred degrees, such as in the case of geysers. Hotsprings are widely used in hydrotherapy. There are numerous hotsprings around the world, including Oymyakon, Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth and otherwise uninhabitable. Some hotsprings, like Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), in the Czech Republic, have become attractions for high-income medicinal tourists.

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Origin of the term - English.

Phonetics - This term is phonetically described or pronounced as: Literal.

Synonyms - Related words or with the same meaning: Karlovy Vary, hidrotherapy.

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