Desaparecido N.N. - Resume

The motto of Desaparecido N.N. (The Disappeared N.N., for no-name) is something that Socrates said more than two thousand years ago and we have used in Andinia to bring home the point: "Justice is the advantage of the powerful" (see here) which is a truth of more validity than ever, considering that in order to receive justice you have - for starters - to pay huge sums of money to all sorts of lawyers, which equals to say that you will receive no justice if you are not powerful, no matter what lawmakers say: "Justice" is really a lie in all cases that really count, and there are no saints nor true judges in the world… only people asking for different fees. This might seem cynical, but it is true to the bone.

In practical terms you - the human being - are virtually unprotected because courts of law work now just as money-making machines oiled and paid by the disgraces that fall upon people. If justice would be all that the whole thing is truly about, lawyers would be more like Catholic priests that ask you to confess but don't charge you by the hour... Did you ever see a lawyer do something like that? Of course not! Because the business of justice is just business, and if you can pay a lawyer capable of twisting facts more than your opponent, much better! That's all folks! And since tricksters tend to dodge those after them by using laws instead of breaking them, the answer is simple: They shall be exposed.

But Desaparecido N.N. - one of our associates that has to remain anonymous for rather obvious reasons - has decided to give some power back to you, the common human being, the individual, by using the power that the Internet gives. Thanks to the fact that enjoys a modest but effective level of popularity online both at local and international levels (see here), anything published here will become known rather fast and broadly.

Do you have some complain to make about a politician or some functionaries? Some lawyer is parasiting you or making your life impossible? Did policemen abuse of their prerogatives in your case? Have you seen someone contaminating a pond? Are you suffering from some human-made Biblical plague? Then write to Desaparecido N.N. and our anonymous matador will see if the one causing your misery or trouble for the environment is worth of the kind of fame that troublemakers never want!

And if you are here because Desaparecido N.N. has already singled you ut as one of those modern heretics then... well, smile! And remember that you are being watched.


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