1)- Courses by Andinia.com / Gea

1.1)- Survival courses.

1.2)- Applied Technology courses.

1.3)- Personal defence courses.

1.4)- First Aid courses.

1.5)- Leadership courses.

Paintball games in the Patagonian Andes.
A paintball battle during a course in the Andes mountains of Patagonia.

2)- Complementary activities

2.1)- Expeditions.

2.2)- Paintball games.

2.3)- Joining the Gea Org for free courses and training.

Survival exercises.
Building a makeshift shelter on a subpolar area.

3)- Related information

3.1)- General terms and conditions.

3.2)- Fees and costs.

3.3)- Contact information and privacy policies.

3.4)- The Gea Org.

3.5)-Recommended bibliography.

Survival exercises.
A spear made during a survival exercise.

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