3.5.1)- Bibliography for survival courses

'U.S Army Survival Manual FM 21-76', Dorset Press, 1994, ISBN 1-56619-022-3.

About this book: written in English, this is an excellent reference text for almost all courses related to outdoor activities. You will find information regarding first aid procedures, navigation, food gathering, shelter construction, etc.

'Manual de Supervivencia', Walter A. Martínez, Ed. Américalee, 1987, ISBN-950-9066-12-2.

About this book: written in Spanish, this manual is one of the best specific references about survival in the varied landscapes of South America, with specific tips and advice.

'SAS Survival Guide', John Wiseman, Harper Collins, 1993, ISBN-0-00-470167.

About this book: comes in a handy format. Can be taken in your chest pocket all the time. It has many illustrations and it is very useful during actual travel due to its small size and great information.

'The SAS Survival Handbook', John Wiseman, Harvill/Harper Collins, 1991, ISBN 0-00-272774-9

An extended and bigger format version of the book 'SAS Survival Guide', and from the same author, with more pictures and tips.

'The Urban Survivor Handbook', John Wiseman, Harvill/Harper Collins, 1991, ISBN 0-00-272092-2.

This book deals with those aspects of survival related to urban areas. It covers disasters, terrorism, home security, first aid procedures, tools, dangerous substances, contamination, etc.

'The Sas Survival Driver's Handbook', John Wiseman, Harper Collins, 1998, ISBN 0002558327.

Superb survival manual for drivers. It covers all imaginable circumstances.

'Knots', Peter Owen, Courage Books, 1993, ISBN 1-56138-225-6.

This book explains in detail how to make and use a great variety of knots. Useful for general survival, construction, fishing, climbing, camping and navigation. We have actually used some of the knots found here to erect big structures, such as cabins.

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