3.5)- Recommended bibliography

From this page you will be able to access to the bibliography that we recommend for our distance learning courses. It is not required that you purchase these books, but it is advisable, thought.

Besides, many of these books are used in various of our courses, so you may find it useful to purchase them in order to deepen your knowledge, and they are also useful for other activities that you may be thinking of.

Also, by means of the articles found at Andinia.com you will be able to make up for a good deal of information related to each class on our courses.

3.5.1)- For survival courses.

3.5.2)- For applied technology courses.

3.5.3)- For personal defence courses.

3.5.4)- For first aid courses.

3.5.5)- For leadership courses.

3.5.6)- Other recommended titles.

More information here.

More titles and topics at Amazon.com.

Climbing a snow field.
A loaded explorer climbing a snow field.


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