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The essential difference between terrorism and guerrilla is that while the former is recognised as a legitimate form of political and military opposition under the right circumstances, terrorism is not, and it is considered a very serious crime.
... to themselves, their brutal and inhuman acts. << Previous- 1st Page ... for a free lifestyle Terrorism: Terrorism and guerrilla are terms used ...
The legitimate and advisable interests of any nation lie only within its recognised borders.
... should do in order to avoid further acts of terrorism is to listen better to ... who we may not agree with, see the trend and mark limits for ourselves ...
Some advice for those who want to donate money for international causes. Don't give your money to terrorists or liars.
... that, and the consequences of those acts, is unavoidable, because that hit ... rights are being defended when in reality terrorism is being supported, because the link ...
Facts and opinions about the 2014 Gaza conflict between Israel and the Hamas regime; many lessons in survival, deterrence, urban combat and other aspects related to those tragic events.
... the Middle East's only democracy as it acts in self-defense against the blood-thirsty Hamas death-cult ... to Hamas- Arab Bank allegedly financing terrorism. Terrorists Explode Gas Pipeline in the ...
How to survive a nuclear attack.
... triggers the atomic reaction. This device acts like a spark or starter inside an ... zoom_pag_art, zoom_lang_en detonators, terrorists, terrorism, fuse, special, forces, ...

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