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Trails frequently disappear in open places like this one. In order to find the trail again you should walk straight ahead, to the other side of the field; there, where the forest stars again you will generally find the trail marked on the ground.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01B-28Aen.shtml
A relatively used trail in which a sign is clearly visible o the bark of a tree.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01B-25Aen.shtml
A bifurcation; if you have to decide which way to go, you will be generally safer by going over the trail that looks used more often.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01B-17Aen.shtml
In somewhat flat and open terrain trails may become visible in some parts although they will tend to disappear.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01E-02en.shtml
Trails may not be necessarily visible from afar.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01E-07en.shtml
Trails will generally converge into open areas where some sort of tidy vegetation is observable, a sign of human habitation in the area.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01E-10en.shtml
Only from a very short distance or flying very low the smallest trails become apparent.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01E-22en.shtml
Trails used frequently will be clearly visible on the ground.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01B-15Aen.shtml
In open places of large dimensions, especially in low areas that are recurrently covered with water, trails will almost certainly be find on the perimeter.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01B-30Aen.shtml
Open fields with lagoons, lakes, ponds and water streams will certainly sport converging trails made by people and animals looking for water.
Url: http://www.andinia.com/photography/fotografias_fotos_photographies/fotos_photos_1995-01B-31Aen.shtml
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