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Now we will ask you a few questions in order to place your banner ad in our rotation. This information will not be shared with anyone, according to our policies.

We will first take you to a payment page to validate your credit card, and then to a form where you will fill the required information related to your banner.

This is a quick and simple process, but before you begin, please make sure to have at hand:

1)-The URL of the graphic (gif, jpg, etc.) that defines your banner.

2)-The URL or address of your site or where you want your visitors to go.

3)-The ALT text of your banner (optional).

4)-If you are using a complex banner (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) the complete source code of it. In this case, graphs may be served from your site.

5)-A credit card (We process MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Eurocard, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit and Novus)

Once we receive all this information, we will be able to set up your banner account with us.

Write down our email address, just in case: informa2@andinia.com.

If we find that anything is missing, we would like to contact you ASAP, so please provide us in the form with a working email address.

Please, allow us 24 - 48 working hours to receive your payment and set up your ad in our system.

We will send you a confirmation email when everything is ready.

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