1.1.1)- Basic survival course

The goal of this course is to provide campers, climbers, adventurers, etc. with fundamental survival skills. the course is fairly comprehensive and includes theoretical as well as practical exercises, and various readings. It is ideal as am entry-level introduction to survival in broad terms. Span: 20 lessons. Fees: see the corresponding schedule. Methodology: distance learning course. See the corresponding terms and conditions section for more information on this issue. Requisites: none for the theoretical section of the course. Field practice requires approbation of the theoretical part of the course. Certificates: after being approved by your instructor on all theoretical lessons, you will receive a certificate. After finishing the whole course, you will receive a diploma. Required bibliography: see the corresponding section. Schedule of lessons: Introduction to survival. Selecting your survival gear. Improvising gear. Food and water. Orienteering and navigation. Your mind during emergencies. Tents and shelters. How to correctly use a backpack. Camouflage and concealment. Crossing obstacles. Backtracking and path finding. Advanced navigation. Equipment maintenance (I). Equipment maintenance (II). Training for emergencies (I). Training for emergencies (II). Basic first aid techniques (I). Basic first aid techniques (II). Planning your excursion (I) Planning your excursion (II). Sign in: see the corresponding form. Further questions: visit our catalogue of courses or contact us directly. Discounts and payment plans: see the corresponding section.

A survival shelter in patagonia.
One of our survival shelters in Patagonia.


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