1.4.1)- Basic first aid course

This course provides basic knowledge on first aid techniques as well as those applicable to emergencies in general. Span: 20 lessons. Fees: see the corresponding schedule. Methodology: distance learning course. See the corresponding terms and conditions section for more information on this issue. Requisites: none for the theoretical section of the course. Field practice requires approbation of the theoretical part of the course. Certificates: after being approved by your instructor on all theoretical lessons, you will receive a certificate. After finishing the whole course, you will receive a diploma. Required bibliography: see the corresponding section. Schedule of lessons: An introduction to first aid techniques and procedures. Basic human anatomy (I). Basic human anatomy (II). Possible scenarios. A basic first aid kit. Infections. Haemorrages. Traumatisms. Respiratory problems. Circulatory problems. Digestive problems. Intoxications. Psychological problems. Burns. Prevention. Emergency assistance. Emotional and physical shock. Search and rescue. Carrying the wounded. Catastrophes and triage. Sign in: see the corresponding form. Further questions: visit our catalogue of courses or contact us directly. Discounts and payment plans: see the corresponding section.

A rescue operation.
Explorers marching during a rescue operation.


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