1.5.1)- Basic course on leadership

This course finds its origins in the need that the Gea Org. had some years ago for group leaders trained according to its organisational principles. Today, this course has evolved into a useful package of knowledge and expertise useful within the context of any human group. the course provides fundamental knowledge on the art and science of leadership, and pays special attention to the formation of a certain character among aspiring leaders, as well as the application and use of the scientific method as the basis for decision-making processes. Span: 20 lessons. Fees: see the corresponding schedule. Methodology: distance learning course. See the corresponding terms and conditions section for more information on this issue. Requisites: none for the theoretical section of the course. Field practice requires approbation of the theoretical part of the course. Certificates: after being approved by your instructor on all theoretical lessons, you will receive a certificate. After finishing the whole course, you will receive a diploma. Required bibliography: see the corresponding section. Schedule of lessons: An introduction to the concept of leadership. Characteristics of an ideal leader. Readings on Sun Tzu (I). Readings on Sun Tzu (II). Readings on Macchiavelli (I). Readings on Macchiavelli (II). Administrative schools. General theory on systems. The scientific method for leaders. Ethics and legitimate leaders. The importance of the word. Organisational culture. Tactics, strategy and logistics. Vicious versus virtuous circles. Useful administrative techniques. Persuasive lies or non-formal fallacies. Formal versus informal authority. Self-discipline versus imposition. Efficient organisations. Towards a leadership mentality. Sign in: see the corresponding form. Further questions: visit our catalogue of courses or contact us directly. Discounts and payment plans: see the corresponding section.

Team work.
The goal of this course is to educate authentic team leaders.


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