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How to build simple ones or full-sized, lodges, cabins and stone houses, useful for lengthy stays in isolated areas.

A Labyrinth That Also Works As A Survival Shelter - The stone labyrinth of the Blanco Valley is not just artwork but a fully functional, huge survival shelter.

How To Carry A Poncho As Part Of Your Outdoor Survival Kit - Maybe a poncho is something somewhat alien for you, but we highly recommend that you get one, especially considering the European weather picture which, as we all know, is not exactly rosy most of the time, and threatens to ruin most of our outdoor excursions: it is also a superb elemento for your survival kit.

Fundamental Hygiene In Closed Shelters, Tents And Cabins - It is a common thing to believe that we spontaneously become more immune to infections if we go outdoors, and while we are spending time on some wilderness adventure we will not catch colds or things like that; instead, it is not fresh air what turns us healthy, but the lack of it within cities and closed rooms what makes us ill.

The construction of underground shelters (I) - Basic considerations for the construction of underground shelters in the wilderness.

Primitive Comfort And Privacy - In order to maintain health and hygiene to minimum standards: overcrowding is not good for the health of a whole group, especially while undergoing extenuating situations such as combat, isolation after some natural disaster, while hiding, awaiting rescue and so on.

The cabin of Lake Los Rizos (I) - A nice, isolated mountain lake in Patagonia where you can actually practice winter sports during the summer.

Fire As A Local Environmental Cleanser And Countermeasure Against Infections - If you ever spent a night outdoors, in a swampy area, cold or tropical but filled with small insects, you surely know what it means to be attacked by swarms of mosquitoes, flies and other exasperating creations of nature; a good use of fire will save you from such a disgrace.

The Geaformers - Geaformers are lightweight kits or modules useful to build anything anywhere, since they can be carried by just one person.

Construction projects in isolated areas - Wilderness tips and advice: a word of advice for those who plan to build something in a far away place.

Constructing a home or a cabin - Something to think about when constructing a place where to live.

Cabin building - A brief reflection about when you build a cabin.

Building cabins and mansion - Something to think about the value of climbing cabins and mansions.

After building a cabin...

Photographies of El Bolson (I) - Photos: The construction of Los Rizos cabin, Patagonia.

How To Use Wood To Improve A Shelter Or Cabin - There are unconventional ways to improve any cabin, house or even survival shelter without much expense, and here we give you some examples.

Tips For Storing Food Reserves In Urban Areas For Survival Purposes - Being in a city doesn't guarantee that survival will be easier for anyone, if compared to what has to be done in the wilderness: on the contrary, cities and urban areas present their own problems and oddly enough, their inhabitants are often very ill prepared to deal with emergencies.

Technology research and development projects at The Gea Org. - Some examples of technology research and development projects found within The Gea Organisation.

Survival / Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival - Practical articles on the characteristics of nuclear, biological and chemical mass-destruction weapons, how they work and how to avoid their deadly effects. Their relationship to terrorism and pollution.

Survival / Combat Survival - How to stay alive and survive in a war or armed conflict. Being a civilian does not preclude you from knowing how battles are fought and won, for in this way you may save your own life.

Survival / Combat Survival / Guns and Weapons - Advice and recommendations on choosing and handling weapons.

Survival courses - The various survival courses available (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior survial courses), thorough and The Gea Org (distance learning).

First Aid Courses - The various first aid courses available (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior first aid courses) thorough and The Gea Org.

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Geography and Outdoors / Mountains and Mountainous Regions - Detailed descriptions of some mountains and ranges of Patagonia, South America and the rest of the world that we have explored.

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