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Spiritual and religious matters as seen from a critical, rational and scientific point of view that does not leave beliefs behind; texts, essays, dialogues between authors and debates about the existence of God and other relevant issues.

Ecoreligion, taxes and climate change - Shall we continue a Byzantine discussion or start thinking with a perspective of a thousand years?

Creationism, Odds, Biology And Games - Many people without education in mathematics find it hard to understand how odds and probabilities shape our world, and how it is that seemingly impossible things happen.

The Mother of All Mistakes - During the last years of the XV century and the first of the XVI, Spain and Portugal expelled the Jews that wouldn't convert to Christianity, losing quite a fraction of the educated, wealthy people of their countries and precluding the advent of the industrial age two centuries later; it wasn't a coincidence that at the same time began the rule of the Inquisition, which lasted until the XIX century and massacred thousands of innocents, censored ideas and persecuted dissidents, people with different religious beliefs and free thinkers.

A Message From Israel - Around 1952 my mother was a high school student near Buenos Aires; one day, while she returned home, a lady was having tea with her mother and having a conversation; eing a teenager, my mother just said hello and continued her way to her room but a little bit later, her mother went to see her and said that the visitor was a member of the Israeli diplomatic service.

The Easter Massacre - The plague has been ravaging the city of Lisbon since January, it was Easter, 1506 and people blamed the Jews for it; some survived hiding in the homes of people who offered help to them or by fleeing the city, but after two days, more than two thousand men, women and children, and even their pets, have been murdered, including Jo„o Rodrigues Mascarenhas, the uncle of Maria Andrea Mascarenhas, my 13th great grandmother.

Totems Pitted Against Explorers - Totems and riches are more associated between each other than what we would superficially appreciate most of the times.

Exploration, Occult Sciences And Ruins - Parapsychology and the arts of occultism have been assimilated into modern religions in a certain fashion; this transition and integration has not always been smooth, and there is a good example of that in Germany.

The Person Or The Temple - Within any set of beliefs there is an underlying dichotomy that applied ideas confront; in our present world, the temple is in fact more important than the individual but a new, ecoreligious perspective could point us in a new direction in which the individual would take the lead.

Australia: People With AIDS Need Not Apply - Recently, Mr. Howard, Australia's Prime Minister stated that he would not like to let in immigrants infected with the AIDS virus.

Religious Books For Survival - Religious beliefs could prove essential for survival.

Survival Gear In A Piper Cub - The placement of any kind of survival gear in a plane with tandem seats should be considered with more care than in those that have side-by-side seats.

Is The Quest Of Alchemy An Impossibility To Explore? - Alchemists dedicated their lives in order to attain two main goals: eternal life and a method to produce gold; according to our current knowledge in physics and chemistry, both things are unattainable but is that so or is it that nothing is impossible?

They Way In Which Hittites Cured All Evils And Infections - The quest for truth, happiness, the prediction of the future and the fight against infections and all sorts of evil have been part of our human culture seemingly for ever; spiritual cures for physical problems are also survival tools.

The Faces Of Religion - A few days ago I was doing some zapping with my TV set and had the opportunity to watch in two different channels at the same time two revealing interviews that portrayed very well the perceived images that Islam and Christianity enjoy or suffer at this moment.

Islam Can Improve Its Public Image Worldwide - By acting in a violent way and exactly as what they pretend to criticise, Muslim fanatics put their own arguments at the same level that what they allegedly reject, and that puts them, by definition at an equally low or even lower level, for having seen something worn, instead of improving thins they embrace destruction.

Is There A Parallel Between Medieval Christian Society And Today's Islam? - For some, this comparison can be derogatory or even insulting, but it seems that at least, medieval Christianity and present-day Islamic world can be compared, or at least comparisons are tempting.

The Unsolicited Economic Growth Of Tibet - Today, Tibet is experiencing a fantastic growth of its economy, bolstered by the Chinese miracle, and everything seems to be okay, according to the authorities in Beijing, but is this really what Tibetans want?

Comments On Political And Religious Fanaticism - No one can say whether one religion is better or more rightful than any other: but even considering this, which is pretty rational, there are individuals that can thing wrongly about religion and induce intolerant attitudes.

Religion And Survival - We also should understand religion as a survival tool for perilous and dangerous situations, catastrophes and all sorts of disasters, for it is one thing that individuals can cling to whenever they have lost everything else. Religion should not be underestimated as a factor to motivate survivors.

The Colombian Episcopate and "Dialogue" with Guerrillas: A Solution or a Move Backwards? (I) - We call your attention to the insistence of high-ranking Colombian churchmen on "dialogue" with the cruel drug guerrillas of Castroite inspiration, as the only option to resolve the conflict in Colombia.

How Ingenuity Saved The Life Of A Pope And The Political Structure Of Europe - For the medieval mind, the fact that the Pope himself could fall victim to God's fury would have been utterly devastating, and it almost happened.

Law systems - Something to think about law systems and laws in general.

Natural Medicine At Work For Good And Evil - Empirical practice does have its merits: natural medicine and many survival medical techniques are based on it.

Be careful with some of those who say that they care about society... - Not all of those who say that they care about you, me and other human beings are really sincere. This short discussion brings new insights into this matter.

Situations in Which Laws Become Worthless - Law and order should be maintained even during emergencies of any kind, but those in charge of doing so should also understand reasonably that human nature has indeed some limits, especially when and where there is an exacerbated survival instinct.

How Religious People Learned To Gamble And Avoid Taxation - One of the ways in which commoners sought to acquire fortune bypassing the economic system of late medieval times, taxation and other kinds of fines, bribes and so on was by gambling.

A brief reflection on recalcitrant activism - A few words about activists, politicians, patriots and others that frequently turn into zealots.

A brief reflection on great leaps - How success never mixes well with chance and coincidence.

A brief reflection on repetition - Repetition and persistence are the basis of religious faith, from which we can learn quite a lot actually.

Creationism Is A Belief And Not A Scientific Theory - Creationism is absurd, but not because it contradicts a scientific dogma like the ideas we have on the evolution of species, but because it pretends to force reality to fit a model of beliefs.

Creationism Versus Respectable Science and Belief - I think that what is true is simple and does not need neither so much activism nor twisted interpretations of science, law and so on; if creationism is unable to convince the modern human about the origin of life, it may just be that it should be forgotten altogether as a way of respecting both science and belief.

The Alleged Theory of Intelligent Design Does Not Belong To Science, And Not Even To Religion - These crude, subdued attempts to shape other people's thoughts since childhood on the basis of lying have nothing of science, and nothing of religion and love for God; it is just fanaticism.

Don't Invite the Ham Family to Christmas (I) - Family gatherings bring joys and sorrows. Many families experience difficulty with their expectations.

A Heavenly Vision (I) - I would like to share a spiritual experience with you that has value for every person's life.

Peace of God (I) - Some tips for overcoming your worst moments.

Tigerist Or Talmudist: Which One Are You? (I) - Do yoy treat God with reverence, or you call His name recklessly?

Spiritual Hunger (I) - Are you meant to be hungry?

The History Of An Aristocrat's Game: Baccarat - Even the Church went into the gambling business for a while, as people preferred to throw dice and use cards instead of going to mass, and little by little certain games evolved and began to take shape, and one of those was an Italian game that we today know as Baccarat.

Self Help and Motivation - A collection of articles, texts, essays and tips for those keen on self-help and personal growth, motivation and leadership.

The New Babel Tower And The Frankenstein Twins - Within the context of our present day, global culture, corporations and governments are striving to acquire total control over people; both are acting against religious teachings and are contrary to God's will.

The Andinia Plan Is The Wrong Place To Look At - Many nationalists in Argentina and Chile believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy know as the Andinia Plan that targets their southern territories; the existence of such conspiracy has never been proved but there is a real claim over Araucania and Patagonia, and that comes from a true and recognised lineage of kings and princes.

Is The State A True Necessity? - We people are accustomed to think that beyond the sovereignty of a state underlies some sort of God's will, and thus, the state and political institutions are indispensable but guess what? They are not, by far.

The Creation Of The Ugly - Public servants were the objects of scorn and derision in humoristic as well as religious ways a long time ago already, when the Sumerians ruled in the Middle East; so tells us the myth of the creation of the ugly, and if even such an old myth derided public functionaries, it must be for a well-founded cause...

I Prefer The Trial Of Zurvan Rather Than Talking To A Despicable Judge - One of the things that humankind has to get rid of in order to continue its progress is the concept of justice in the hands of the state.

Survival and continuity of dynasties - Survival is not just a concept applicable to maintaining life with the bare minimums; in some cases it can represent the bet on the continuation of political dynasties and leadership.

The Bet of Meir ben Barukh von Rothenburg Against Himself - Meir ben Barukh von Rothenburg was born in 1215 in Germany and died in 1293; he was a rabbi, a poet and a philosopher at a time in which most people were illiterate in Europe. Thanks to the brutes around him he had to bet against himself for the sake and survival of his family and his people.

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