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The Stress And Tiredness Of Pilots And Aviators - There is no excuse for not taking short vacations here and there thorough the year besides the traditional ones in summer and winter; among those who fly aircraft for a living, this should be the norm aside all existing regulations.

Creationism, Odds, Biology And Games - Many people without education in mathematics find it hard to understand how odds and probabilities shape our world, and how it is that seemingly impossible things happen.

Rehearsing The Unexpected, Survive And Win - Having a hidden ace regarding combat techniques and changing suddenly our behaviour and the expectations of our adversaries is the key for survival and victory.

Religious Books For Survival - Religious beliefs could prove essential for survival.

The God That Suffered From Depression - Psychology and the ability to persuade are skills that were mastered in ancient times, despite the fact that we might not know anything about the ways in which our distant ancestors lived and solved their problems.

They Way In Which Hittites Cured All Evils And Infections - The quest for truth, happiness, the prediction of the future and the fight against infections and all sorts of evil have been part of our human culture seemingly for ever; spiritual cures for physical problems are also survival tools.

The Lies That Saved A Judge (I) - Fear or rejection can be very painful.

Great Idea!... But I am Afraid of It?! - Whenever we think about something great to do then we also feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of our ideas and we ask ourselves how did we get into this? What are going to do? How do we start?

Educate Your Ego Before Educating Others - The way in which life, business and academic requirements are shaped today puts everyone at disadvantage, and some even in jeopardy because these conditioning elements ask too much from uneducated egos.

A brief reflection on science and your vocation - Something to think about science and all other vocations; convince yourself that you should pursue what is calling you.

The Right Team, The Right Stuff - Choosing the right team to perform any task is a long, often tedious and hard thing to do but the difference between preparation and lack of it is perhaps more evident than anywhere else within a company, army or group of any kind.

Religion And Survival - We also should understand religion as a survival tool for perilous and dangerous situations, catastrophes and all sorts of disasters, for it is one thing that individuals can cling to whenever they have lost everything else. Religion should not be underestimated as a factor to motivate survivors.

Human Factors - An aircraft is not an isolated entity within the environment; airplanes, helicopters and so never fly on their own but are managed by crews, are under the jurisdiction of regulations that work within vast systems in which many different organisms and people take part.

When An Airplane Falls Upon Our Heads: How We React In Emergencies - It is amazing to see how people react when confronted with a sudden accident or survival situation; many times calmness in the face of absolute disaster seems to be the rule, but is it true calmness or something else?

When Everybody Is Wrong, Everybody Is Right - Too many people telling you things? Too many controls to let people enter your country? Too many complains? Too many friends leaving you? Them it might be that you are not so right after all.

People Will Tend To Save Themselves Despite Their Nation And The State That Runs It - Normally, for a human being there is no prima facie differentiation between the survival of an individual and the survival of the group to which that individual belongs; we tend to help each other but to what extent? Is there a limit to this?

The Elastic Moral Principles Of Survivors - People living under authoritarian regimes or states of exception know all too well that moral, political and legal principles are elastic truths, flexible, used by the government to justify actions against its citizens; but this state of flexibility can be advantageous for surviving too.

Social sciences / Outdoor Education - Learning is fundamental in all fields that require some type of theoretical or practical expertise; outdoor activities and extreme sports are not the exception.

Anthropology and Sociology - Articles and texts on Anthropology, Sociology and subjects related to the behavior of the human being in general.

Philosophy - Philosophical papers, texts and articles.

Leaders and Leadership - Compilation of articles and courses on leadership: how leaders arise, natural leaders, how to learn to lead, educating leaders, etc.

Literature, Tales and Stories - Thoughts, reflections, aphorisms, phrases or simple short stories and fiction.

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Society / Globalisation / Antiglobalisation - Corporate and gubernamental political players worldwide support globalisation. People in general, however, tend to oppose this process as it unfolds now, causing widespread hunger, unemployment and poverty while less than 5% of humankind benefits from it.

Groups and Organisations - Assorted articles related to human groups and organizations.

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