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Large Trees Declining in Yosemite - Large trees have declined in Yosemite National Park during the 20th century, and warmer climate conditions may play a role.

People Shouldn't Complain so Much When It's Not Due - U.S. imperialism and the ecological impact of its actions are being constantly criticised regarding its intervention in Central America to build the Panama canal, but who would have done things better?

Pinpointing Drought Coast to Coast - Take vast quantities of satellite remote sensing data. Season with time. Mix generously with information about climate, soils, and recent rainfall. These are the ingredients for the Vegetation Drought Response Index.

Why Not Learn To Fight Guerrillas From Vietnam Instead Of Cuba Or The United States? - Guerrilla warfare is not just a tactic or a strategy but a matter of mentality, and only those who are good as guerrilla fighters are capable of understanding it and mount effective counter insurgency operations.

Five Of The Top 100 Bird Watching Areas In The United States (I) - Bird watching stakes claim as America's number one hobby.

Thoughts on September 11th (I) - An adequate response to terrorism should not only be military, but include a shift in international policies which cause the formation of terrorist groups.

Adventure Travel (I) - So you've always wanted to bungy jump off the Kawarau suspension bridge in New Zealand, kayak down the Royal Gorge in Colorado, or bike nude across the USA?

Has The Time Come For A Change In Strategy? - The U.S. army is incredibly powerful against conventional enemies, yet it shows poor performance in unconventional warfare.

What kind of people would an explorer from another world try not to meet? - If a spaceship with aliens from other part of the universe would come to our planet and enter a low Earth orbit in order to observe us, where would they find the most savage humans?

On the Tracks of the Iron Horse (I) - All aboard! All aboooardd!! The conductor's extended cry created a thrill of anticipation as we mounted our train in Washington, DC, for the start of a journey that would take us 3,500 miles across the entire United States.

The United States: Political "Guerrilla Warfare" in Latin America (I) - In Latin America the American government continues to face - perhaps without perceiving it, or, what is more probable, without wanting to recognize it publicly - what is literally a form of political "guerrilla warfare," analogous to what it faces militarily in Iraq.

Bush remains out in the cold on climate change at the G8 summit - The Group of Eight communiqué issued by world leaders at their summit in Gleneagles today highlights the divisions between President Bush and the rest of the world on tackling climate change.

Green groups urge G8 leaders to ignore Bush notthe climate - As the G8 summit gets underway in Scotland, environment and development groups are urging Prime Minister Tony Blair and other world leaders to stand up to President Bush and agree a clear way forward for climate protection.

Media Statement on US Asia climate 'pact' - Responding to the recent announcement by the USA of a six nation 'pact' on climate change, Greenpeace Climate Campaigner Stephanie Tunmore said.

Cleaning Up After Hurricane Katrina - Things like playing with the environment lead to problems and devastation like what hurricane Katrina caused, and someone has to clean things up afterwards, but not the present government of the United States.

Riding Horses With Poker Cards - How poker became not only a game but an icon of cowboys.

Leftists Movements: The Hidden Truth behind "Anti-Americanism" - Behind the recent wave of anti-Americanism, inspired by leftist movements of the entire world and amplified by the communications media, there are two underlying motives about which almost no one talks.

Pondering on charitiy - Goodness, kindness, charity, service, piety are values; they are neither products nor political statements and thus, are not marketable.

Travel, casinos and other purposes - Sometimes, travelling may not be the best option after all.

Call It Iraq 2003 Or Just Plain Lynching - An explanation of why the governments of the United States and the UK should revise their strategies regarding Iraq and the rest of the world.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Stratosphere and The Stratopause - A brief explanation about the stratosphere and its importance.

Russia, The United States and The Kyoto Protocol - Indeed, you can become suicidal; that would be regrettable, but it becomes a crime when you make other people part of your drama without their consent.

Are Democracies Decaying? - The war in Iraq made it evident that there are some alarming processes evolving right at the hearth of democracies.

The Survival Weapons Of Survivalists - In our culture, and particularly in the United States, the idea of a survivalist is that of a person armed with an assault rifle and dressed with a fur hat a la David Crockett, but that is a false stereotype, far away from the truth.

Lack of reasoning does stop nuclear plants - A few days ago, the presence of armed men clad in camouflaged clothes near the Panex nuclear facility near Armadillo, Texas, caused an alarm and lock-down in the plant until the situation could be properly assessed.

Regions, Continents and Countries - Articles, essays, comments and tales about different regions, continents and countries of the world dealing in each with case aspects of their society, culture, economy, geography, folklore, history, regional products, sports and outdoor activities, and other things of interest fot any traveller.

Geography and Outdoors / Navigation and Maps - Learn how to navigate using maps, a compass, gps systems or simply by observing natural formations - Find your way whenever you get lost in the wilderness.

Travel and Tourism - Advice and recommendations for travellers and tourists - Avoid complications in your trips.

Leaders and Leadership - Compilation of articles and courses on leadership: how leaders arise, natural leaders, how to learn to lead, educating leaders, etc.

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Social Sciences / Politics and Political Problems - Articles and insights of citizens who ponder about national and international politics and political problems, politicians, government policies, chariy projects and others that have current leading roles in our world, taking into consideration social and environmental issues.

Society / Globalisation / Antiglobalisation - Corporate and gubernamental political players worldwide support globalisation. People in general, however, tend to oppose this process as it unfolds now, causing widespread hunger, unemployment and poverty while less than 5% of humankind benefits from it.

Arts, Crafts and Artists - An assortment of articles dealing with our ways to express, create and learn about arts and crafts, as well as artistic products in the context of history, museums and various disciplines such as plastic and performing arts, cienam, photography, literature, etc.

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