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Assorted articles related to human groups and organizations, as much commercial (companies or corporations) like without profit aims (associations or foundations).

Human Factors - An aircraft is not an isolated entity within the environment; airplanes, helicopters and so never fly on their own but are managed by crews, are under the jurisdiction of regulations that work within vast systems in which many different organisms and people take part.

NOAA: Past decade warmest on record according to scientists in 48 countries - Earth has been growing warmer for more than fifty years - The 2009 State of the Climate report released recently draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the same finding: the scientific evidence that our world is warming is unmistakable. More than 300 scientists from 160 research groups in 48 countries contributed to the report, which confirms that the past decade was the warmest on record and that the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 50 years.

Cultural Tips From The Organisation - Cultural exchange programs generally exist within the framework of some sort of organisation; this is a resource that should be taken advantage of in the event of adaptation problems.

Is It Right To Violate The Law In Order To Survive? - If you have to opt between two evils; always opt for the lesser one.

How to organise a new group, company or association (I) - t is a common problem in all budding organisations that these are constructed with preconceived ideas, and based on doctrines from the past, and while these might be good in the present on certain cases, or have been good in the past, it would not be prudent to assume that they will serve well in the case of a new entity.

The Contradictions Of Hamas-Like Groups - Are the Palestinians and people like them well served by such entities or these are the source of most of their troubles?

The Right Team, The Right Stuff - Choosing the right team to perform any task is a long, often tedious and hard thing to do but the difference between preparation and lack of it is perhaps more evident than anywhere else within a company, army or group of any kind.

Great Idea!... But I am Afraid of It?! - Whenever we think about something great to do then we also feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of our ideas and we ask ourselves how did we get into this? What are going to do? How do we start?

Basic organisation of a Gea exploration group (I) - A proven way to organise groups of trekkers, climbers and explorers.

Authority and Power (I) - Ethics is a complex phenomenon that includes rules, procedures, and experiences. Ethics emerge from our values that indicate to us if something is right or wrong about human behavior.

Ethics: Doing Correct Things or Doing Things Correctly - Ethics is a complex phenomenon that includes rules, procedures, and experiences. Ethics emerge from our values that indicate to us if something is right or wrong about human behavior.

Situations in Which Laws Become Worthless - Law and order should be maintained even during emergencies of any kind, but those in charge of doing so should also understand reasonably that human nature has indeed some limits, especially when and where there is an exacerbated survival instinct.

We Will Die Tomorrow, We Survived Yesterday, So Let's Have Fun! - The passion for games of all sorts could have finally disappeared after so many years of medieval doctrines of religious devotion; nevertheless, the Black Death came and revived all what priests have fought against in this regard, and soon they found themselves in need of making good use of betting money in order to assure the survival of society itself.

Comments On Political And Religious Fanaticism - No one can say whether one religion is better or more rightful than any other: but even considering this, which is pretty rational, there are individuals that can thing wrongly about religion and induce intolerant attitudes.

Jungle Factories: The Local Production Of Expedient Weapons - There are many interesting cases of more or less clandestine weapons factories and those that managed to produce useful and novel ideas in weaponry despite very difficult circumstances and scarce resources.

The Successful Jungle Factory - The production of clandestine weaponry in the so-called 'jungle factories' - but indeed, it is not mandatory that such factories actually be in the jungle or any other particular environment - is a characteristic of mature guerrilla or irregular forces fighting in a long-term conflict. The appearance of such miniature industrial plants is also typical among well-organised resistance forces in invaded territories, and de facto autonomous regions.

The Black Market - One of the consequences of the prolongation of any sort of state of exception or survival is the apparition and development of the black market; survivors and survivalists should know what it is and how to operate because having to participate in it may be a probable scenario.

Some Stories Of Bootleggers, Smugglers And Entrepreneurs Of The Black Market - Why study and learn what an assortment of crooks id in the past? Certainly, not to applaud their crimes but knowing a little bit more may help us learn a little bit more about urban survival techniques, what works, what doesn't work and why.

Managers and leaders are not the same - There are lots and lots of blogs, books, magazines and people who assume that a leader and a manager are the same thing, but they are not.

Leaders and Leadership - Compilation of articles and courses on leadership: how leaders arise, natural leaders, how to learn to lead, educating leaders, etc.

The Gea Org - Know the investigations and developments of the Grupo Explorador Argentino (GEA), whose knowledge in the topics of expeditions, mountaineering, survival, first aid, science, technology, self-defense, organisation and leadership have made the existence of possible.

Ecology, Nature and Environment / Environmental Organisations - A list and recommendations about various NGOs offering press releases, articles, essays and content about environmental and ecological issues.

Are Democracies Decaying? - The war in Iraq made it evident that there are some alarming processes evolving right at the hearth of democracies.

A brief essay on corporations - Some reasons to keep your quality relationships and not substitute them with work and love for your job place.

Those who believe that they are smarter than others - Something to think about those who think that they are smarter than other people.

Wilderness tips and advice: something for group leaders and coordinators

Wilderness tips and advice: formal organisation in expeditions - Leaders should provide some degree offormalorganisation in serious expeditions.

A brief reflection on running a company - Something to think about how to run a company.

A brief reflection on armies and corporations - Something to think about the discipline system of armies and corporations.

A brief reflection on petty butchers - Something to think about the petty butchers that abound within corporations.

A brief reflection on corporate work - Something to think about working in corporations.

Trekking tips: don't depend solely on the guide of the group - you should not depend absolutely on your guide.

Trekking tips: create your own club - Create your own club or organisation.

Trekking Tips: The Use of Uniforms - Why it may make sense to use military fatigues and uniforms.

People Will Tend To Save Themselves Despite Their Nation And The State That Runs It - Normally, for a human being there is no prima facie differentiation between the survival of an individual and the survival of the group to which that individual belongs; we tend to help each other but to what extent? Is there a limit to this?

Urban Survival: Institutions May Not Tell You Always The Truth - If we remember cases like those of ENRON or Mr. Maddoff, and if we think that both private and public institutions should have audited their activities and accounting books, it becomes immediately apparent that government and non government institutions may not tell the truth when it is not in their interest; there is no need to believe in any conspiracy theory because proof is there.

Selection processes in groups of adventurers - Despite the fact that it is indeed interesting to have more people taking part in any club or group dedicated to any sort of outdoor activities, some sort of candidate selection is necessary.

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Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

The Malvinas Argentinas Flying Club - Assorted texts, tips, articles and advice related to the activities of the Malvinas Argentinas Flying Club and its classical Piper PA-11 and Luscombe Silvaires.

Society / The Editorials Of Desaparecido N.N. - There are some that lust for their fifteen minutes of fame, and then, there are those who dread them and would prefer to stay pretty anonymous; in this section we bring to light some information about people and institutions that like to make life miserable to explorers, travellers and just plain citizens.

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