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NOAA: Past decade warmest on record according to scientists in 48 countries - Earth has been growing warmer for more than fifty years - The 2009 State of the Climate report released recently draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the same finding: the scientific evidence that our world is warming is unmistakable. More than 300 scientists from 160 research groups in 48 countries contributed to the report, which confirms that the past decade was the warmest on record and that the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 50 years.

NOAA scientists uncover oscillating patterns in clouds - Finding has implications for climate change - A new NOAA study has found that rain clouds form synchronous patterns in which individual clouds in a large cloud field respond to signals from other clouds, much like chirping crickets or flashing fireflies on a summer night. The study, published online today in the journal Nature also has significant implications for our understanding of climate change research.

Drought drives decade-long decline in plant growth - Global plant productivity that once was on the rise with warming temperatures and a lengthened growing season is now on the decline because of regional drought according to a new study of NASA satellite data.

Survival In Lightning Struck Aircraft - In terms of survival training, techniques and knowledge, a hit by a thunder is something that you would definitely like to avoid, for it can be fatal; however, there are a few individuals who seem to be resilient to such violent things and in fact, they even seem to attract thunders, for they get struck up to a dozen times during their lives.

The Casino Of Meteorology And Life On Earth - If you think about thunder and thunderstorms, far from seeing them as threatening, you should see that they are beneficial and luck bringers; without them, life on Earth would have never appeared or developed.

How To Carry A Poncho As Part Of Your Outdoor Survival Kit - Maybe a poncho is something somewhat alien for you, but we highly recommend that you get one, especially considering the European weather picture which, as we all know, is not exactly rosy most of the time, and threatens to ruin most of our outdoor excursions: it is also a superb elemento for your survival kit.

The Central American Cork That Sealed The Fate Of Earth's Climate - Small things can indeed become big problems, especially if they alter the climate.

The Victory Of Heuchuknhayin - Games and tournaments form part of every human culture; in all times and places, humans tend to play.

Skin Care For Outdoor Adventurers - Exploration and adventure put our skin under strain and more risks than usual: Dryness and dust in the air, more sunlight than we are accustomed to, heat and wind in places like the sea, deserts and even ice fields may cause diverse skin problems.

How Many Everests Did Exist? - All along the geological history of our planet, some mountain has been the highest one, but it wasn't always Mount Everest.

Weather forecasting in Patagonia - Trekking tips: basic weather forecasting in the Patagonian Andes.

Dust hastens Colorado river snowmelt, cuts flow restoring desert soils could lessen impacts of climate change - Dust caused by human activities in the American desert Southwest is a contributing factor in speeding up the melting of snow and reducing runoff in the mountains of the Colorado River basin, according to a new study led by NASA and co-authored by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Weather considerations - Wilderness tips and advice: do not forget the weather.

Scientists find 20 years of deep water warming leading to sea level rise - Scientists analyzing measurements taken in the deep ocean around the globe over the past two decades find a warming trend that contributes to sea level rise, especially around Antarctica.

How to avoid the effects of cold climate - The essence of how to avoid the effects of cold climate.

NOAA: 2010 tied with 1998 as warmest global temperature on record - Summer 2010 the second warmest on record, Arctic sea ice continues its 14-year decline.

A brief pondering about storms - The basics of the basics of mountain weather.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Understanding The Formation Of Fog - Fog is one of those phenomena that could appear while we are busy on some outdoor activity...

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Troposphere and The Tropopause - A brief explanation about the troposphere and its importance.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Stratosphere and The Stratopause - A brief explanation about the stratosphere and its importance.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Mesosphere - A brief explanation about the mesosphere and its importance.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Ionosphere - A brief explanation about the ionosphere and its importance.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Exosphere - A brief explanation about the exosphere and its importance.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Understanding Atmospheric Density - An easy esplanation of one of the most important properties of any kind of atmosphere.

Cleaning Up After Hurricane Katrina - Things like playing with the environment lead to problems and devastation like what hurricane Katrina caused, and someone has to clean things up afterwards, but not the present government of the United States.

Expedition tips: how to fight cold temperatures with paper - How to use paper as protection from cold climate and freezing temperatures.

How to fight cold temperatures with paper - Hiking tips: how to use paper as protection from cold climate and freezing temperatures.

How Ingenuity Saved The Life Of A Pope And The Political Structure Of Europe - For the medieval mind, the fact that the Pope himself could fall victim to God's fury would have been utterly devastating, and it almost happened.

How To Make Smog Appear in Malaysia (I) - Malaysia is an interesting country that has an undoubtedly tropical climate, with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and an annual water precipitation average that exceeds 2.500 mm. due to the monsoons that yearly pour over the region. Indeed, when you talk about weather in Malaysia it is the same as saying 'rain' all the time.

A Place To Visit In Space: HD 80606b - Planet HD 80606b would be an exciting place to visit once adequate propulsion systems like the Warp engine envisioned by Dr. Alcubierre comes into existence; the reason is that this planet is the celestial body that has the most violent atmospheric storms ever detected, according to a paper recently published in Nature magazine.

Ocean stored significant warming over last 16 years - The upper layer of the world's ocean has warmed since 1993, indicating a strong climate change signal, according to a new study. The energy stored is enough to power nearly 500 100-watt light bulbs per each of the roughly 6.7 billion people on the planet.

Ice shelves disappearing on Antarctic peninsula - Glacier retreat and sea level rise are possible consequences - Ice shelves are retreating in the southern section of the Antarctic Peninsula due to climate change. This could result in glacier retreat and sea-level rise if warming continues, threatening coastal communities and low-lying islands worldwide.

Arctic could face warmer and ice-free conditions - There is increased evidence that the Arctic could face seasonally ice-free conditions and much warmer temperatures in the future.

Climate projections underestimate CO2 impact - The climate may be 30 - 50 percent more sensitive to atmospheric carbon dioxide in the long term than previously thought, according to a study published in Nature Geoscience.

New study uncovers key role of bacteria in the formation of 'red tide' algal blooms - Implications for climate modeling - According to a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, NOAA and NOAA-funded university scientists are closer to understanding why "red tides," called harmful algal blooms form. These toxic harmful algal blooms threaten marine ecosystems, human health, and cost local and regional economies millions of dollars annually through fishery closures and recreation and tourism losses.

Global tree death patterns reveal emerging climate change risks for forests - Recent tree loss, largely driven by climate stress, in forests around the world could portend increased tree mortality under climate change, according to a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) report recently released online in the journal Forest Ecology and Management.

Changing arctic affecting air, ocean, and everything in between - Despite the fact that summer 2009 had more sea ice than in 2007 or 2008, scientists are seeing drastic changes in the region from just five years ago and at rates faster than anticipated. The findings were presented today in the annual update of the Arctic Report Card, a collaborative effort of 71 national and international scientists.

Climate Effects of Atmospheric Haze a Little Less... Hazy - Scientists have used a new approach to sharpen the understanding of one of the most uncertain of mankind's influences on climate - the effects of atmospheric "haze," the tiny airborne particles from pollution, biomass burning, and other sources.

Pinpointing Drought Coast to Coast - Take vast quantities of satellite remote sensing data. Season with time. Mix generously with information about climate, soils, and recent rainfall. These are the ingredients for the Vegetation Drought Response Index.

Slight Changes in Climate May Trigger Abrupt Ecosystem Responses - Slight changes in climate may trigger major abrupt ecosystem responses that are not easily reversible. Some of these responses, including insect outbreaks, wildfire, and forest dieback, may adversely affect people as well as ecosystems and their plants and animals.

Glacier and Ice-Sheet Melting, Sea-Ice Retreat and Coastal Erosion Expected as a Result - Temperature change in the Arctic is happening at a greater rate than other places in the Northern Hemisphere, and this is expected to continue in the future.

Geography and Outdoors / Mountains and Mountainous Regions - Detailed descriptions of some mountains and ranges of Patagonia, South America and the rest of the world that we have explored.

Outdoors activities / Survival - Articles based on real-life experiences. Practical and theoretical advice on survival in several levels of difficulty and diverse environments: polar zones, forests, forest, deserts, seas and oceans, extreme and hazardous sports, etc.

Health / First aid, wilderness emergencies - Outdoor activities always entail some risks to your physical integrity. Learn about the techniques and suitable behaviour for surviving emergencies and disasters.

Survival / Combustibles and Fire - How to improvise combustibles outdoors - How to survive in a fire - Tips and techniques for making camp fires.

Outdoor Activities / Survival / Shelters and Bivouacs - How to build simple ones or full-sized, lodges, cabins and stone houses, useful for lengthy stays in isolated areas.

Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

Geography and Outdoors / Navigation and Maps - Learn how to navigate using maps, a compass, gps systems or simply by observing natural formations. Find your way whenever you get lost in the wilderness.

Survival courses - The various survival courses available (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior survial courses), thorough and The Gea Org (distance learning).

First Aid Courses - The various first aid courses available (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior first aid courses) thorough and The Gea Org.

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