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Visual Differences Between Cubs - The Piper Cub is a classic airplane that has given birth to a prolific series of different models and imitations that look deceptively similar; however, by means of photos like those that we present here you may get acquainted with the different makes and models in existence today.

Hawaii Sightseeing In A Helicopter - Hawaii has a very rugged, mountainous terrain that is spectacular too; for those visiting the islands, a helicopter ride could be the best way to get to see them quickly and without too much effort.

A Visual Chronicle Of A VFR Landing (I) - This is a description based on pictures of a landing under visual flight rules; the plane is the excellent Ercoupe LV-RJU owned by the company Delta Charlie S.R.L.

Your Outdoor Photography Gear - Tips and advice for purchasing digital equipment for outdoor photography.

Color photohistory (I) - Though the invention of photography had an immediate impact on the whole art & culture world at this time, but the early photographs were all in monochrome.

Photograph Your Children (I) - Ten ways to improve your family photographs.

Creating Vacation Memories (I) - Some cool and inexpensive ideas for your photo albums.

Trekking tips: have your camera ready - How to have your camera ready.

Trekking tips: travel with spares for your camera - Take spares for your camera, such as films and batteries, and if possible, a second camera too.

Desktop Wallpapers / Backgrounds. - Photography of the Patagonia, for Wallpaper or background of screen, in three resolutions different to download.

Photographies of El Bolsón (I) - Photos: The construction of Los Rizos cabin, Patagonia.

Photographies of El Bolsón (III) - More photos of rappel training, El Bolson, Patagonia.

Photographies of El Bolson - Ascent to The Mount Bolsón, Patagonia.

Fusil de Asalto Nanotyranus - Fotos: fusil de asalto Nanotyrannus, desarrollado por el GEA.

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Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

Outdoor Activities / Trekking, Camping and Excursions - Trekking, basic camping and hiking as related to many extreme sports. Fundamental techniques and advice.

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