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UFO sightings are something quite common in the southernmost regions of Argentina and Chile; here you will find some descriptions of those events.

Ufology Versus Exobiology? - Belief Versus Science? - Could ufology become a respected science or will it always belong to the field of the esoteric and pseudoscientific?

How Cats And Wasps Relate To Each Other - The most similar ting to a cosmic cat in which we can think about is the monster of the Alien movie series, starring Sigourney Weaver, among others. In reality, it seems that H.R. Giger, the creator of the monster was really thinking about a sort of cosmic cat-wasp combination, arguing that both the cat and the wasp are the most self-sufficient predators in the animal kingdom.

The ideas of Kardashev to measure the progress of any civilisation in the cosmos - Nikolai Kardashev, a Russian astronomer, published in 1964 a paper that received little attention by the general public at a worldwide level but was nevertheless, pretty significant; the astronomer established a scale to measure the advancement of civilisations by measuring their energy consumption. This method is useful to study the most primitive of our Earth-based civilisations as well as ours at the present day and any other civilisation in the universe that might strive to conquer the cosmos. In other words, the scale of Kardashev, as it is known now, can be used to measure our degree of advancement in science and technology as compare to any other life forms that might be lurking out there, in space.

The Andinia Plan (II) - "Then, we have UFOs going around and above us all the time. Most, of course, are meteors and satellite, but to be honest..."

UFOs Or Self Delusion? - Several governments have recognised the existence of unidentified flying objects but are we trying to see more than really is there?

Believing in UFOS is more attractive than actually searching for them - There are several ongoing projects and research effort of scientific proportions that pretend to explain some mysteries of our world and universe, but people prefer to believe in things that are easy to understand and offer them more mystique; so people follow UFO pundits instead of SETI radio astronomers and prefer to think that the chupacabras is an alien rather than a relative of house dogs.

What Would Happen If We Find Life Outside Earth? - Some say that it could easily become the most important scientific event of all history but what kind of impact it could have on us?

What kind of people would an explorer from another world try not to meet? - If a spaceship with aliens from other part of the universe would come to our planet and enter a low Earth orbit in order to observe us, where would they find the most savage humans?

The Gea Org - The GEA, a true and well-known group of explorers and adventurers roaming the oddest places on Earth.

Surviving all possible planetary catastrophes - In the long run we will all be death, right? Maybe not, but what should humankind do in order to survive in the millennia to come? This question is not just something that has religion as its reference point, but actually science.

Survival / Survival Tales - Articles telling histories and tales about real survival experiences.

The Gea Org - The GEA, a true and well-known group of explorers and adventurers roaming the oddest places on Earth.

Research and development projects at The Gea Org - Some examples of research and development projects found within The Gea Organisation.

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Society / Globalisation / Antiglobalisation - Corporate and gubernamental political players worldwide support globalisation. People in general, however, tend to oppose this process as it unfolds now, causing widespread hunger, unemployment and poverty while less than 5% of humankind benefits from it.

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