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Articles related to self-defence and martial arts with or without weapons: paintball, combat survival, courses, etc.

Is It Right To Violate The Law In Order To Survive? - If you have to opt between two evils; always opt for the lesser one.

Comments On The Intention To Use A Survival Weapon - If you have a survival weapon you should be ready to use it when an emergency situation calls for that, but you shouldn't become a happy trigger.

Guns In The Hands Of Pilots - The attacks of Sept 11, 2001 eventually landed handguns into some pilot's cockpits. Are these guns in the right hands?

Gun Ownership Is A Natural Right - Stating that people should not have guns goes against human nature and turns those who accept that principle into cattle, it goes against nature and is a principle that will never succeed.

Would It Be Right To Disarm Civilians? - In recent times and in many countries, the notion of disarming civilians has been growing in a way parallel to the growth of criminal violence, but would that be right?

The Nanotyrannus Weapons Family (I) - An introduction to the assault weapons system developed by The Gea Org.

Educate Your Ego Before Educating Others - The way in which life, business and academic requirements are shaped today puts everyone at disadvantage, and some even in jeopardy because these conditioning elements ask too much from uneducated egos.

Winning is Better than Just Competing Because it is the Basis For Survival and Power - Weapons are nothing without the will to fight; gear and equipment, money, rescue odds and even favourable conditions mean nothing if survivors lack the will to succeed.

Keep Your Survival Weapon Always Ready to Be Used - What use does have something intended for a last-ditch survival use if in reality you cannot make good use of it? This is especially true in the case of survival guns.

Expedient Survival Weapons That Are Not Firearms - Firearms are excellent as survival weapons for those moments in which a last-ditch effort is required in dire danger, but there are other ways to defend oneself and to hunt when food is required.

Extreme Paintball - War Games - Characteristic and advice practical, tactical, technical and strategies to help him to fight better.

Outdoors activities / Survival - Articles based on real-life experiences. Practical and theoretical advice on survival in several levels of difficulty and diverse environments: polar zones, forests, forest, deserts, seas and oceans, extreme and hazardous sports, etc.

Survival / Combat Survival - How to stay alive and survive in a war or armed conflict. Being a civilian does not preclude you from knowing how battles are fought and won, for in this way you may save your own life.

Survival / Combat Survival / Guns and Weapons - Advice and recommendations on choosing and handling weapons.

Personal Defence / Martial Arts - Articles related to self-defence and martial arts with or without weapons: paintball, combat survival, courses, etc.

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Survival / Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival - Practical articles on the characteristics of nuclear, biological and chemical mass-destruction weapons, how they work and how to avoid their deadly effects. Their relationship to terrorism and pollution.

Survival / Survival Tales - Articles telling histories and tales about real survival experiences.

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