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Why deprive yourself of a good meal while being in the wilderness? Here we share our Neanderthal gourmet recipes with you.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Mate Tea In Your Camp - Mate tea is a traditional beverage from South America; some say that it originated in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay or Brazil; it really doesn´t matter, but you too can enjoy this kind of tea, which is healthier than traditional tea or coffee, and it is easy to prepare even in the most extreme outdoor base camp.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Keep Culinary Hygiene Using Fire - In long range treks and expeditions as well as during any sort of survival situation it is important to keep infections and health problems at bay because under such peculiar circumstances they can be rather more troublesome than in the course of normal city life; fortunately, a rational use of fire could help a lot to keep a certain level of hygiene.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: How To Carry Your Mate Into The Wilderness - In order to carry your mate gear with you in an expedition or trek you should take into account some important considerations.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Leave Some Mate Gear In Your Caches - Not only it is good to have some mate tea during any sort of trek or adventure, but it is advisable to leave the things required to prepare it in expedition stashes or caches as well.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Mate And Soup As Survival Food - Within the context of Gea expeditions we get far away from civilisation for weeks or even months and thus, we are forced to carry all our provisions and food with ourselves; mate tea and dehydrated soups have proved to be very handy in these cases.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Giving Another Flavour To Your Mate Tea - Mate tea is an excellent beverage for any sort of outdoor adventure, and like traditional tea it can be flavoured in different ways to turn it more interesting.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: Take Honey To Your Camp Instead Of Any Other Sweet - Honey is a superb kind of food that can be used in place of many other kinds of products among the provisions for any sort of outdoor adventure.

Extreme Cooking Tips And Advice: The Five O´Clock Mate - The British have created a very interesting tradition that can be easily adapted to the use of mate tea; we have done just that, and we enjoy our mate at five PM each dayy as we build our stone labyrinth in the Andes.

How To Make A Spoon Out Of Wood - In this brief article we will describe how to carve a spoon out of wood during a wilderness emergency or survival situation.

Survival Tips And Advice: How To Cut Wood Without Axes, Hatchets Or Jigsaws - Collecting wood in order to use it as combustible in a camp or within the context of a survival situation is easier than most people think.

How to construct stone ovens (I) - How to construct a stone oven for your cabin or camp.

Rabbits: A Survival Mirage? - Rabbits have been domesticated for thousands of years and many survival manuals list them as a valid source of food for survival, but is it true?

The Prehistory Of The Fruit Cocktail - Humans are not the first to enjoy fruit fiestas and feasts: many animals since ancient times have been eating plants of all sorts, including fruits and flowers after they evolved thorough natural selection.

Sugar As A Natural Bactericide - Aside from being a good component of a variety of improvised explosives and an exceedingly good ingredient used to sabotage internal combustion engines, sugar can be used to produce marmalades, sweeten your tea, coffee or mate, to seal things and also help you as a first aid and medical factor.

Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (I) - Methods to improvise or manufacture vessels. Leather, pottery and more.

Breakfasts - Something to think about breakfasts and other meals prepared while you are in the great outdoors.

A cup of coffee - Something to think about a simple cup of coffee.

Cook under the stars - Why you should cook under the stars while trekking.

Good wilderness nourishment - Nourishment in the wilderness.

Honey versus marmalade - Take honey to your trips.

Improving your menu - How to improve your daily meals in a mountain.

Make some circumstantial ice-cream - Make some ice-cream with snow and...

TV Chef Mr. Food (R) Offers Desserts As Easy As Pie (I) - Family and friends are rarely to busy to eat dessert...

Sumptuously Simple Pies For Spring (I) - Easy, elegant spring desserts start with Mrs Smith's pies.

Soy is More Than Tofu (I) - You see a white blob of tofu and ask yourself: Do I have to eat that?

Cutting Food Costs: Saving Time vs. Money (I) - Some truths about the reduction of household costs.

Converting Recipes To Lowfat (I) - Easy ways to enjoy your preferred meals, even when you are on a diet.

Home Baked Bread and Rolls, Made Simple! (I) - We have lost the art of bread baking. Learn this lost art now!

Nepalese lifestyle (I) - A brief description of food, education, health and dress in Nepal.

Dairy industry must listen to concerns about GMOs in the food chain - Greenpeace today demanded that two of the largest European dairy companies must stop buying their milk from dairy farmers who grow GE maize, to avoid the potential contamination of the food chain.

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