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Science and technology should not remain as exclusive properties of your government or big corporations. Learn how you can also become a scientist and how you can create your own technology.

Towards Interstellar Exploration - Exploring has been one of our defining characteristics as species, and being outer space infinitely more vast than Earth it is a matter of time since we will begin travelling to the stars; to do that it is necessary to develop means to travel faster than light, something that seems closer to reality since Miguel Alcubierre demonstrated the theoretical feasibility of that.

NASA Clears The Runway For Open Source Software - The NASA Open Government Initiative has launched a new website to expand the agency’s open source software development.

The ideas of Kardashev to measure the progress of any civilisation in the cosmos - Nikolai Kardashev, a Russian astronomer, published in 1964 a paper that received little attention by the general public at a worldwide level but was nevertheless, pretty significant; the astronomer established a scale to measure the advancement of civilisations by measuring their energy consumption. This method is useful to study the most primitive of our Earth-based civilisations as well as ours at the present day and any other civilisation in the universe that might strive to conquer the cosmos. In other words, the scale of Kardashev, as it is known now, can be used to measure our degree of advancement in science and technology as compare to any other life forms that might be lurking out there, in space.

Main Simulation Software Module - When you want install a software simulation product in your PC the task ahead is relatively simple, but doing so in a full size cockpit simulator things can be a little more difficult, so there are various factors to consider.

And Sea Monsters Exist, After All - Ancient maps and naval charts depict monsters like giant fish and squids eating whole ships; those images have been long considered purse superstition, but the discovery of actual giant squids in recent years prove that beyond tales there are frequently some basis of truth so, there might be a lesson here: Not because something sounds far-fetched it is necessarily false.

Henry the Navigator - Dom Henrique de Avis was born on March 4, 1394; until his death on November 30, 1460 he achieved many things of importance for the history of mankind; he was a Prince and an explorer, and he is still remembered as Henry the Navigator.

The Age of Discovery and its Financiers - Starting in the XV century, the age of discovery was a period of extensive European exploration of the world that included Columbus' trip to America, the feats of Vasco da Gama, Cabral and many others, but someone had to pay for the whole thing, and – perhaps you guessed – there were Jewish financiers backing it all up.

Guerrilla Warfare As Survival Tactic For Feeble Nations - The invasions of France and Germany against Russia, the Napoleonic occupation of Spain, the Vietnam war and the conflict in Iraq demonstrate the great vulnerability of military superpowers thorough history.

The Hortens, Their Flying Wing And The Law - History is the ultimate judge, even if you break the law or design weapons and military aircraft, as the Horten brothers did.

The Riches Hidden In The Interior Of Our Planet - It is interesting to speculate about how much we could probably win by gambling, but at the same time we are standing in a world full of riches that we are perhaps unable to discern; within the arcane world of those interested in geology and all its related sciences, there are some more or less serious hypotheses related to that.

Is The Quest Of Alchemy An Impossibility To Explore? - Alchemists dedicated their lives in order to attain two main goals: eternal life and a method to produce gold; according to our current knowledge in physics and chemistry, both things are unattainable but is that so or is it that nothing is impossible?

Human Factors - An aircraft is not an isolated entity within the environment; airplanes, helicopters and so never fly on their own but are managed by crews, are under the jurisdiction of regulations that work within vast systems in which many different organisms and people take part.

The Citroên - Haardt Trans-Asiatic Expedition - It is quite an experience to travel by truck, and drivers have a whole and fascinating subculture of their own; sometimes, overlanding or navigating with trucks over terrain becomes quite difficult and dangerous.

Why Didn't The Egyptians Build Pyramids In Paris? - It is interesting to think about the possible reasons that precluded such an advanced society from establishing colonies thorough the Mediterranean, and the answer might just be found in the local botanical landscape.

How Many Everests Did Exist? - All along the geological history of our planet, some mountain has been the highest one, but it wasn't always Mount Everest.

Science Or Scavenging? - The most extraordinary way to win the lottery - or something like that - is to find a new or valuable fossil from an unknown or barely studied species: A well-preserved dinosaur skull can easily command prices ranging into millions of euros, but that's not necessarily good for science.

Software Architecture - Without software any simulator is nothing else that a dead thing, an expensive, heavy and bulky collection of hardware; and without adequate software capable of reproducing faithfully what its designers intend to simulate, a simulator ins nothing else than an expensive, heavy and bulky arcade game.

Natural Medicine At Work For Good And Evil - Empirical practice does have its merits: natural medicine and many survival medical techniques are based on it.

25,000 maps... and counting - In response to the need for updated topographic maps, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has developed and made available a new national map series called the US Topo.

The Geaformers - Geaformers are lightweight kits or modules useful to build anything anywhere, since they can be carried by just one person.

The Andinia Plan (I). - The Andinia Plan: a classical example of the clash between scientific thought and ideological beliefs, by Pablo Edronkin et al.

Notes On Picking Fossils (I) - Picking fossils may be interesting, but sometimes is agaist the law, especially if the extraction is intended for sale.

Creationism Is A Belief And Not A Scientific Theory - Creationism is absurd, but not because it contradicts a scientific dogma like the ideas we have on the evolution of species, but because it pretends to force reality to fit a model of beliefs.

Creationism Versus Respectable Science and Belief - I think that what is true is simple and does not need neither so much activism nor twisted interpretations of science, law and so on; if creationism is unable to convince the modern human about the origin of life, it may just be that it should be forgotten altogether as a way of respecting both science and belief.

The Alleged Theory of Intelligent Design Does Not Belong To Science, And Not Even To Religion - These crude, subdued attempts to shape other people's thoughts since childhood on the basis of lying have nothing of science, and nothing of religion and love for God; it is just fanaticism.

Your resume - Something to think about the overvalued concept of a resume.

Science and your vocation - Something to think about science and vocations.

Science and the wild - About science and the wild.

Keep Your Survival Weapon Always Ready to Be Used - What use does have something intended for a last-ditch survival use if in reality you cannot make good use of it? This is especially true in the case of survival guns.

Jungle Factories: The Local Production Of Expedient Weapons - There are many interesting cases of more or less clandestine weapons factories and those that managed to produce useful and novel ideas in weaponry despite very difficult circumstances and scarce resources.

Believing in UFOS is more attractive than actually searching for them - There are several ongoing projects and research effort of scientific proportions that pretend to explain some mysteries of our world and universe, but people prefer to believe in things that are easy to understand and offer them more mystique; so people follow UFO pundits instead of SETI radio astronomers and prefer to think that the chupacabras is an alien rather than a relative of house dogs.

Are aliens coming in UFOs giving us part of our technology? - It is a common belief that aliens coming from UFOs directly or indirectly gave the world key technologies... but did they?

Great Idea!... But I am Afraid of It?! - Whenever we think about something great to do then we also feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of our ideas and we ask ourselves how did we get into this? What are going to do? How do we start?

How Private Property May Kill You - Private property is fine: it has helped us to evolve from savages clinging to trees into reasonably healthy, well-fed and educated people, but we should reflect a little on the fact that our human constructions may at one or more crossroads of history conspire to kill us ass effectively as the deadliest of viruses.

Sparking Vocations - Don´t want to see people fail? Want to fight poverty? Then don´t feed it but dedicate yourself to opening minds; show children how to fly, sail in a boat or climb a mountain.

How To Use Wood In A Camp Or During A Survival Situation - Wood can indeed be used to start fires, but that is not the only way in which you could make use of it in the wilderness; on the contrary, there are lots of things that you can do with this natural resource.

How Does An Airplane Fly? - This article has been thought for all those who want to know what goes on an airplane as it flies, how its instruments, systems and parts work and how do they keep the thing up in the air.

Why Ecothinking? - We should not be alarmists but the rate of extinction of animal and vegetal species in our world is probably as high as during the most cataclismic periods in the history of earth, so if we don't change our way of thinking we shouldn't count on our survival for long.

Are We Going To Tear Other Planets Apart? - Space exploration by humans is still an incipient activity but we have to thing whether we will recklessly do to other planets the same that we did on our own, or are we going to be more careful.

Urban Survival Starts With Modest Home Repairs - Knowing how to repair things at home, like vacuum cleaners, your car, walls, the roof, electrical circuits and such stuff helps a lot to prepare yourself as an urban survivalist.

What Would Happen If We Find Life Outside Earth? - Some say that it could easily become the most important scientific event of all history but what kind of impact it could have on us?

Surviving all possible planetary catastrophes - In the long run we will all be death, right? Maybe not, but what should humankind do in order to survive in the millennia to come? This question is not just something that has religion as its reference point, but actually science.

Progress or just change? - We should think again about our definition of what progress is because we might be having a simplistic view of things. Today we speak of progress in terms of economic growth, advances in science and technology but do these aspects of our existence define progress in its entirety or are they just discrete parts of it?

NASA Finds New Type of Comet Dust Mineral - NASA researchers and scientists from the United States, Germany and Japan have found a new mineral in material that likely came from a comet.

Science and Technology - Essays and comments on practical epistemological matters in science and technology.

The Origins Of Naval And Marine Technology - The construction of boats and vessels is tightly related to survival as well as to exploration and the progress of mankind.

Technology research and development projects at The Gea Org. - Some examples of technology research and development projects found within The Gea Organisation.

Research and development projects at The Gea Org - Some examples of research and development projects found within The Gea Organisation.

A Sled Without Snow - Despite the apparent contradiction, a sled can be used in any survival or extreme situation for carrying wounded people or cargo even if there is no snow around, and constructing one expediently is easier than most people think; as an alternative to improvised backpacks, sleds have something to offer.

Science and Technology / Space Exploration an Astronomy - If you can't explore virgin places in our planet, no problem. There is still plenty of room left in outer space, and it does not take NASA to start exploring it.

Sciences / Social Sciences - Index of articles regarding Social Science and related topics.

The Gea Org - The GEA, a true and well-known group of explorers and adventurers roaming the oddest places on Earth.

More Information About Gea. - Click here and search for categories.

Applied technology courses - The various applied technology courses available (basic, intermediate, advanced and superior personal applied technology courses)a thorough and The Gea Org.

NOAA-led research team takes measure of the variability of the atmosphere's self-cleaning capacity - An international, NOAA-led research team took a significant step forward in understanding the atmosphere's ability to cleanse itself of air pollutants and some other gases, except carbon dioxide.

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