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The First Things To Be Done With An Airplane (I) - When I receive a plane to be flown, these are the two things that I do before anything else.

How To Perform A Visual Pre-Flight Check On An Airplane (I) - Before staring the engine of an airplane it is necessary that the pilot in command takes some time to visually check the vehicle in order to be sure that everything is in order.

Survival Gear In A Piper Cub - The placement of any kind of survival gear in a plane with tandem seats should be considered with more care than in those that have side-by-side seats.

Gun Ownership Is A Natural Right - Stating that people should not have guns goes against human nature and turns those who accept that principle into cattle, it goes against nature and is a principle that will never succeed.

In The Realm Of Survival, Guns, Money And Plans... - There are times when surviving may mean to hide some things even from official scrutiny.

About Leaders, Casinos and American Football - One of the things that any leader should avoid is the belief that problems would turn to solve themselves automatically; this 'Casino Mentality' puts any organisation at the mercy of fortune and this makes impossible any sensible planning.

Educate Your Ego Before Educating Others - The way in which life, business and academic requirements are shaped today puts everyone at disadvantage, and some even in jeopardy because these conditioning elements ask too much from uneducated egos.

Comments On The Intention To Use A Survival Weapon - If you have a survival weapon you should be ready to use it when an emergency situation calls for that, but you shouldn't become a happy trigger.

Urban Survival: Is Your Government On Your Side? - The belief in the democratic system along with patriotism give strength to this supposition; however, the way un which the international financial crisis is being managed seems to prove that sometimes there are exceptions.

You Have To Invest Wisely If You Want Your Savings To Survive - The most valuable things that a regular, average person has is his car and his home but investments in both areas are usually not very useful; if you want to have money for emergencies, save it and eventually pass it to the next generation of your family, you have to think out of the box.

Urban Survival: Your Money Is Not Safe In a Bank And Your Government Cannot Be Trusted To Oversee The Financial Industry - Historic evidence show that save some very few exceptions like Switzerland, no country offers true safety guarantees for people who want to keep their savings in a safe place; crooks, financial agents and even governments seize and expropriate that money from time to time.

Surviving all possible planetary catastrophes - In the long run we will all be death, right? Maybe not, but what should humankind do in order to survive in the millennia to come? This question is not just something that has religion as its reference point, but actually science.

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Outdoors / Survival - Articles based on real-life experiences. Practical and theoretical advice on survival in several levels of difficulty and diverse environments: polar zones, forests, forest, deserts, seas and oceans, extreme and hazardous sports, etc.

Outdoor Activities / Exploration and Expeditions - Whether your interest lies within expeditions and trips or you want to learn about different uncharted places, tricks of the trade and possibilities, start reading this section.

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