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The Stone Labyrinth Of The Blanco - Since quite a while now, a vast labyrinth made of stone exists in the Blanco Valley, constructed by its true first explorers.

The Solar Clock Of Our Labyrinth - Our labyrinth located right in the Blanco valley sports a sun clock that we built with a very specific goal in mind.

Why A Labyrinth? - What are the reasons to build a stone maze carrying thousands of rocks from one place to another and forming walls with them? Madness? Art? Explorer´s spirit?

A Labyrinth That Also Works As A Survival Shelter - The stone labyrinth of the Blanco Valley is not just artwork but a fully functional, huge survival shelter.

The Gardens Of The Labyrinth - We have been planting a lot around our Blanco stone maze.

The Atom Cracker - I am an atom cracker, and that's what I do all the time, I am afraid; I break apart atoms to look what is inside, and then I do the same with the remains over and over again. You cannot help me because if you open your heart to me I will probably crack it too because it is in my nature to rip the souls off bodies for the sake of truth, but everything - even nature - has an origin and a destiny.

An Objection To Those Who Object - Whenever something like our Blanco stone maze is revealed, the world is never short of those that begin criticising and to whom only one thing should be objected for the sake of brevity: Their uselessness.

Phoenician Art And Its Meaning - The Phoenician people practically invented commerce as we know it and they made huge fortunes and prosperity by means of trade, but their quest for riches led them to forget about other aspects of the life of a nation, and thus we owe to that mistake the fact that today we barely know anything about them.

Writing Our Own Tales To Insure Our Future - There are some individuals who have a special talent for manipulating words and putting them into paper.

The Purple Of Tyre - If we ponder a little about those animals that have proved to be very valuable to humans we would probably think about cattle, horses, or pets, but few know that a couple of rather smallish gastropods from Mediterranean shores have been as valuable as gold since ancient times.

A brief reflection on science and your vocation - Something to think about science and all other vocations; convince yourself that you should pursue what is calling you.

A brief reflection on geniuses - An essay showing the vital importance for any society to identify and stimulate its gifted children.

A brief reflection on diplomas and resumes - Something to think about the real value of diplomas, resumes and other written credentials.

Easy Christmas Homestyle - Harvest Nature's Christmas decorations.

Thoughts On... Creativity and Daily Living - The notion of creativity is normally linked only to exceptional achievements, but is not.

Progress or just change? - We should think again about our definition of what progress is because we might be having a simplistic view of things. Today we speak of progress in terms of economic growth, advances in science and technology but do these aspects of our existence define progress in its entirety or are they just discrete parts of it?

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